December 19, 2012

holiday spirit.

christmas is so close! although jordan and i have had a blast visiting lights (upon lights, upon lights...i can't get enough!) getting some sugar under the mistletoe, and visiting temple square, we are SO READY to be home.  and see our families.

i have a feeling the next couple of days of work are going to go by pretty slowly..but it will be SO worth it!

December 10, 2012


the story of how jordan and i met has never been recorded, so here goes.

jordan and i met at the gym. go ahead, judge.


we worked at the same company, and worked out at the company gym. i was dating someone when we met, and had sorta started to date someone else when he first asked me out. however, none of it was serious. i was preparing to serve an lds mission. i was almost finished with the application process when we met.

he was a few weeks off of his own lds mission, so he was still adjusting to normal life and was slightly awkward. he was not looking to date, just killing time working before he started school

i remember i had eaten lunch at buffalo wild wings that day (big mistake) and went to work out with lee (the personal trainer) at about 4:30. i was introduced to jordan in a group of people. i thought he was fairly attractive, but nothing initially stood out to me. i continued to work out, and after some box squats, began to feel the effects of eating lots of chicken for lunch. i started a B-line to the bathroom, and on the way there, passed jordan. he claims he asked for my name and i rushed right by him, ignoring his question. all i remember was blowing chunks in the gym bathroom and resting on that disgusting white tile.

fast forward 1 week: i am an intern where we work, so i am delivering checks to everyone. i put jordan's on his desk. i linger, hoping he will say hi. he doesn't. he has no idea who i am. whatever, okay?

as soon as i returned to the gym after the chicken incident, the personal trainer started badgering me about jordan. (he full well knew i wanted to go on a mission, but decided to set us up anyway) he says, 'jordan thought you were really cute, kayla. he wants to ask you out. he told his parents that he wants to ask you out.' (his dad is an executive at the company we worked at, and his mom was the events manager. my in-laws knew me before jordan did.)

i came to found out later, these were ALL LIES. jordan never even mentioned me! lee saw these lies as his "ground work". he was telling the same lies to jordan, saying 'she keeps telling me that she wants you to ask her out, man.' again, LIES. so essentially, our relationship was based on the false pretense that the other party was interested. romantic.

about 3 or 4 weeks from the time we met, we ended up at the gym together again. (he usually worked out morning, i worked out evenings.) and lee was ALL OVER THAT. as soon as i finished my zumba class, he comes sprinting over. 'kayla! jordan's here, go talk to him!' i said, 'no, lee. i don't even know him.' at which point lee insisted, 'kayla, go over there and shoot hoops with jordan NOW.' i laughed him off and awkwardly walked over to jordan. we made small talk about tim tebow and schooling, all the while, lee was taking pictures of us on his phone, and sending them to people within the office. (this guy's crazy town. the good kind.) after a few minutes, i politely said goodbye and began to walk away, much to lee's dismay. i remember so distinctly this moment, when jordan called after me and asked for my number. i was fairly excited about it. maybe i just liked the attention, though.

he texted me the next day, and started asking me about myself. after a while, i started to wonder 'is he one of those weirdos that wants to get to know me over text?' nope, just awkward i-havent-asked-anyone-out-in-two-years syndrome.

the next day, saturday, i asked him if he wanted to go get hot chocolate. it was NOT intended to be a date, although we later agreed that it was. he was at the bsu football game, but he agreed to go when we got home. he picked me up (in his dad's audi. i was all like yes please!) and we drove to rembrant's, a cafe. closed. we drive to starbucks. also closed. drive to a bigger starbucks. still closed. (it was like 9:30 pm, people. strange things.)

so we're sitting there, in the starbucks parking lot, kind of at a loss. poor jordan. i was the first girl he'd been on a date with (that he didn't know in high school) since he'd been home. he was having heart attacks. he didn't know what to do! but something miraculous happened called we just started talking. and talking. and talking. and then we couldn't stop talking. we talked about our families, where we want to live someday, God, high school, sports, everything. it was amazing. we just clicked. we seemed to agree on every point we discussed. it was like discovering an old friend you hadn't talked to in years. neither of us were expecting it, but let me tell you. that night was magical. we began to see each other every day after that.

our first kiss was not long after (im not going to mention exactly how long) while we were watching miracle on 34th street. although i was concerned we kissed too soon, BAM fireworks. it was pretty intense. the next day at cafe rio, both of us kind of apprehensive about where the other person stood, we had a talk. jordan essentially asked me for some kind of reassurance that i was interested in him, and i told him 'well, i havent been this excited about a guy in a long time.' and he replied, 'i've never been this excited about a girl, ever.'

some of my friends came into town for a football game after like 2 weeks of dating, and they didn't greet jordan very warmly. (i think they were part alpha male, part feeling protective?)  it was very awkward and jordan felt very invaluable. he took my nonchalant-ness about the situation as disregard for him. he attempted to break up with me on a sunday night. i told him i still cared about him a lot, and he quickly changed his mind.

we were our company celebrity couple. everyone wanted to know the fyi on our relationship, they were cheering for us, and all up in our business. it was hilarious. they cheered when they saw us leave the building together. they design team made us wedding announcements. however, jordan's boss instructed him to stay away from me. she had seen me leave this office with flowers from aforementioned boy i was going on dates with. she thought i was going to break his heart. psh.

we continued to see each other every day. although we didn't mean to, we had stumbled upon something pretty important. i told my girlfriends that i thought i met the guy i was going to marry. i was shocked those words made it out of my mouth. we had a tearful conversation about me deciding if i should go on a mission. i decided not to put my papers in. it's still a very surreal experience to me.

on a freezing day in december, as we discussed something worrisome, he blurted out, 'kayla, i love you.' he said it with such conviction that it literally gave me this warm sensation all throughout my body. i didn't say it back then, but i did later :)

the end of december loomed. jordan was going to byu in january, and i was staying in boise to continue my film internship. we had only known each other a short time, so it seemed foolish to commit. we decided to just let everything run it's course.

sad as i was to see jordan go, it was kind of a relief. i had not slept, worked out, or had a lot of interaction with my family since he entered my life. i was a little unbalanced. it was nice to take a step back and realize what i wanted. i continued to date other guys. jordan didn't date at all.

he had been gone about 2 weeks when he asked me not to date anyone else. i was fine with it. :)

he drove to boise and i drove to provo over the next 4 months. we talked every day, and through that time apart we realized how important we were to each other, and luckily, that our relationship relied on the right things.

what a glorious day it was when he returned home to me! at this point, things were headed pretty directly to marriage. we both felt stronger about this than anything else.

we had hiccups along the way. his sister didn't like me, my sister HATED him (i'm going to assume both of those phrases are past tense.) i got freaked out about commitment a lot. i honestly don't feel like i ever questioned the fact that i wanted jordan. despite these set backs, we had a great summer together.

i went on a cruise to mexico with some friends in june, and then straight to disneyworld with my best friend danielle. while there, we solidified some rough wedding plans. we would get married in september to ensure my being able to start school in january. it was quicker than i wanted, but it didn't matter. i wanted to be with jordan anyway. on july 5th, after taking me to our favorite restaurant, and our favorite rooftop, jordan proposed to me in that starbucks parking space where we first knew there was something there. 

& really, who says no to this ring?! 

we decided to be married in the san diego temple. we were able to go in a few adventures before that fall, including seattle:

and arizona:

and then on september 8th, we were married for time and all eternity.

i'm pretty thrilled about spending the rest of forever with this guy. he is my best friend and better half. although meeting at the gym is lame, im pretty darn glad we met at all.

December 9, 2012

happy holidays.

we took our self timer for a quick whirl this afternoon and whipped up a holiday e-card.

December 6, 2012

engagement video.

here are some screenshots from our engagement video:

nathan pickett did a fabulous job!

you can watch the video here.

December 4, 2012

festival of trees.

this last saturday, we ventured down to salt lake to visit a relative in the hospital, go to a birthday party, and attend the festival of trees! although it was crowded and we were in DIRE need of some dinner, it was still pretty dang fun! the best part are the gingerbread houses.
i mean, seriously.

and on that christmasy note, we bought our first christmas tree! it might be only 18 inches tall, but it also might be the cutest thing ever! you have to start somewhere, right?

i'm telling ya, there is nothing better than the glow of some christmas lights, a christmas scent, (cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and a sliced orange on the stove. nothing beats it.) kenny g blasting, and some baked goods being sent down my belly. man, i love the holidays!

November 28, 2012

thanksgiving weekend.

what a way to kick off the holiday season! jordan & i had a great thanksgiving weekend with his mom's side of the family in salt lake. cute cousins, lot of desserts (my first ones this month!) and a fair amount of laughing were involved.

the day after, we celebrated his grandparent's 50th anniversary with a big dinner & a carriage ride around the temple square lights..(bucket list, check!)

saturday, we attended the temple for jordan's aunt becky and went to the byu game. see that bottom left picture? look really hard, it's jabari parker. the byu fans were freaking out, chanting his name, wearing t shirts for him. and although the chances are slim to none that he actually goes to the y, it was still pretty entertaining.

spending my first holiday without my immediate family was harder than i thought. i missed them, and the arizona sun they celebrated in.

& now that turkey day is over, my radio stations are perma-set to christmas stations and my holiday baking  list is getting longer by the day. bring on christmas!!

November 19, 2012


 ...was a success! delicious food & great friends. what else do i need?

November 17, 2012

this guy.

one of the things i am especially grateful for this thanksgiving is my wonderful husband, and the things we are learning together. the best thing, i think, that we are learning is how to be silly together. laughing has helped us diffuse tense situations and grow closer. i sure love faking accents, dancing down the grocery store aisle, and having snorting contests..

all with this guy.

November 13, 2012


finally caught on the HP train & dressed up as hermione..

it snowed a crap ton, and kayla is not happy about it.
went off of sweets for november and had a staring contest with these puppies sitting on my desk (i won..barely.)
my friend cassidy and i were the life of the party in our jazz lakers suite for work:

 had a blissful reunion with old college friends at a housewarming party:
got to spend lots of time with this guy, who i am pretty obsessed with.

November 6, 2012


the fall has lasted a considerable amount of time in utah. the leaves have taken almost a month to completely turn and it's only snowed once (so far.) it's so gorgeous!!

 i love how fall brings beauty to death. that's what fall is, really. death of summer to make way for the cold. but there's a sense of rebirth, a sense of the cycle, that it all comes full circle. death is necessary to make way for new life. it's a beautiful concept hidden right there, within our seasons.

on friday night, jordan and i walked to slab pizza and took the scenic route, through all of the fall colors.

October 23, 2012

lovely ladies.

today i am grateful for good friends. kylie and i have been inseparable since we were little girls, & went to EFY each summer together during high school. our last year, we walked into our apartment and alli was sttanding there in all of her 6 foot red-head-ness.

I hear the expression 'love at first sight' and i think of alli. it was more of 'friendship at first sight' though. we began talking and it was like we were friends in a former life, just waiting to find each other. there was some magic going on there. the 3 of us have stayed in contact really well, despite living in different states, all attending different schools, and (now) 2 marriages and a mission.

alli got her mission call in april, i got engaged in july, and kylie made a temple date to be sealed to her husband marc in september. because our circumstances matched up, the 3 of us were able to be in the temple together. after years of watching each other grow, what a sweet experience! it will always be one of my favorite memories.

i am so proud of these girls. they have made the best of every situation they've found themselves in & teach me strength. kylie is possible the sweetest human being. i have never heard her speak ill of anyone & she devotes herself to her family & friends. alli is absolutely the most unselfish person on the planet. everything she does is centered around someone else. she is not ashamed of her faults and she powers through life with this veracious optimism and dedication. i could not have asked for 2 better examples, or friends. i am one blessed girl!

October 18, 2012

& it continues

2 weeks after we got married, we went up to boise, where jordan is from, to have our wedding reception. jordan's mom is an event planner, so this lady does not mess around. it was magical.(but i mean, i got to put on my dress again & have a party. whats to complain about?) the events center had lights draping from anything that stood, about 8,574 different kinds of cakes lined up to eat, and jazz music in the background.

i thought i would despise the reception line, but i really enjoyed being able to talk to everyone that came in, tell them about the wedding, and meet a lot of people that i had heard about. after a cake shoving match and a very awkward first dance (think: people staring at you trying to have a romantic moment.) and a feeeeewwww pieces of cake, the successful night came to a close. it was nice to continue celebrating instead of packing it all into one day. i feel like we did it right!

september 8th

picture overload.

the night before our wedding, we took pictures at the beach.fa-bu-lous! the sunset was GORGEOUS, and generally it was just the perfect night. a couple of dogs tried to photo bomb us, but other than that everything went smoothly :)

because we weren't getting married until 3pm, we had almost the whole next day to relax. most of our families went to the beach, but i was able to spend time with my friend cassidy. cassidy & i were roomates at utah state, and because of jobs/family, we hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together since she graduated. i was so grateful she came out to california for me. we spent the morning on a long walk, making breakfast, and primpin. it was bliss.

up until this point, i had zero nerves. nada. until we got in the car to go to the temple. i forgot a few key things to take when you get married in the temple (oops) and because the car ride is 45 minutes from where we stayed, i had plenty of time for those nerves to marinate in that solemn car silence.

i literally thought i was going to throw up. "i'm getting married, i'm too young to get married!" "oh my gosh, this is it!" "this is my wedding day!" kept running through my mind in a shrill, stress-you-out voice. we arrived at the temple, dressed, and got ready for the ceremony. i was still freaking out, my sweaty palm death gripping jordan's poor hand. heart attacks, folks.

but then we walked into the sealing room and something miraculous happened. i peered into the faces of everyone there to support jordan and i, and i was like i stepped into heaven. everyone in there was so thrilled for us. proud of us. full of love. smiling, with tears brimming. and just like that, my huge weight was lifted off. i felt so surrounded by love and comfort. and the rest of the day ended like it started. in a blissful blur.

we took pictures outside of the temple, had dinner at my aunt jen's house (overlooking the beach!) and stayed & chatted with friends until we couldn't keep our eyes open.

i'm one lucky lady :)