& it continues

2 weeks after we got married, we went up to boise, where jordan is from, to have our wedding reception. jordan's mom is an event planner, so this lady does not mess around. it was magical.(but i mean, i got to put on my dress again & have a party. whats to complain about?) the events center had lights draping from anything that stood, about 8,574 different kinds of cakes lined up to eat, and jazz music in the background.

i thought i would despise the reception line, but i really enjoyed being able to talk to everyone that came in, tell them about the wedding, and meet a lot of people that i had heard about. after a cake shoving match and a very awkward first dance (think: people staring at you trying to have a romantic moment.) and a feeeeewwww pieces of cake, the successful night came to a close. it was nice to continue celebrating instead of packing it all into one day. i feel like we did it right!