lovely ladies.

today i am grateful for good friends. kylie and i have been inseparable since we were little girls, & went to EFY each summer together during high school. our last year, we walked into our apartment and alli was sttanding there in all of her 6 foot red-head-ness.

I hear the expression 'love at first sight' and i think of alli. it was more of 'friendship at first sight' though. we began talking and it was like we were friends in a former life, just waiting to find each other. there was some magic going on there. the 3 of us have stayed in contact really well, despite living in different states, all attending different schools, and (now) 2 marriages and a mission.

alli got her mission call in april, i got engaged in july, and kylie made a temple date to be sealed to her husband marc in september. because our circumstances matched up, the 3 of us were able to be in the temple together. after years of watching each other grow, what a sweet experience! it will always be one of my favorite memories.

i am so proud of these girls. they have made the best of every situation they've found themselves in & teach me strength. kylie is possible the sweetest human being. i have never heard her speak ill of anyone & she devotes herself to her family & friends. alli is absolutely the most unselfish person on the planet. everything she does is centered around someone else. she is not ashamed of her faults and she powers through life with this veracious optimism and dedication. i could not have asked for 2 better examples, or friends. i am one blessed girl!