thanksgiving weekend.

what a way to kick off the holiday season! jordan & i had a great thanksgiving weekend with his mom's side of the family in salt lake. cute cousins, lot of desserts (my first ones this month!) and a fair amount of laughing were involved.

the day after, we celebrated his grandparent's 50th anniversary with a big dinner & a carriage ride around the temple square lights..(bucket list, check!)

saturday, we attended the temple for jordan's aunt becky and went to the byu game. see that bottom left picture? look really hard, it's jabari parker. the byu fans were freaking out, chanting his name, wearing t shirts for him. and although the chances are slim to none that he actually goes to the y, it was still pretty entertaining.

spending my first holiday without my immediate family was harder than i thought. i missed them, and the arizona sun they celebrated in.

& now that turkey day is over, my radio stations are perma-set to christmas stations and my holiday baking  list is getting longer by the day. bring on christmas!!