January 30, 2013

because sometimes you realize how lucky you are.

it took me 2 and a 1/2 hours to get to work today, on what is supposed to be a 40 minute commute. i have been grumbling about this snow, ice, freezing temperatures, horrible traffic and disgusting smog for the whole month of january. i have also spent entirely too much time grumbling about making ends meet, professors that  waste my time, people at work that take advantage my willingness to help them out, and not having enough hours in one day to get everything done that needs to get done!

as i sat here at work this morning, it kinda hit me. i have a lot to be grateful for. although the roads have been icy and snow-packed, my silent prayers have kept me safe on those roads. money is tight, but this won't last forever. some of my professors are air-heads, but overall i am getting a quality education and i love school. i really do. i have a good job that allows me to go to school and get homework done (while i work..) i get to go the gym almost every day and get to do what i love. i don't have a lot of friends where i live, but the ones i do have are pretty great. although i feel swamped pretty often, i always have the weekend to catch up.

i have a wonderful, wonderful husband who's world revolves around my happiness.(just last night he got out of bed to get my textbook from the living room while i was typing in bed and didn't want to get out.) he makes me laugh every day, and more importantly makes ME feel like the funny one. we have a bright future ahead of us that involves travel, new experiences, new people, and fulfilling work (and some dang cute kids might i add!) he is my best friend.

life is never going to be perfect, and it's never going to be what i expect, either. but at the end of the day i don't care. i have what i need and the rest will take care of itself.

January 27, 2013


we had a blast at sundance this weekend! park city really is so beautiful. we also went on a double date with our friends alex and kayla to the arcade, and while the boys played a hunting games, kayla and i scouted out games that could get us the most tickets (it's all about winning, isn't it?) when one machine didn't cash out my 10 tickets, we got someone that worked there to replace them. well he walked away and it started spitting out tickets. and tickets. and more tickets. i don't know if the machine was broken or had simply been stopped up, but i was laughing so hard i was crying. such happiness.

January 21, 2013

our week.

should i be embarrassed about this? this is why i think no.

1. the dishes miraculously got done every night.
2. i am not a chronically messy person.
3. school, working out, getting sick, working, commuting, homework, intramural basketball games, and precious, precious, sleep. there was no time to take out the trash!
4. i don't think it hit 20 degrees this week. too cold to venture to the dumpster.
5. the trash did get emptied right after this picture was snapped.

see? problem solved.

jordan and i had big plans on friday night but when i got home, we looked at each other & said, 'want to stay in instead?' man, i love him. some blue bell ice cream and 4 or 5 episodes of 30 rock later, i'd say my friday night rocked.

saturday we got errands done, hit up smash burger and finally saw skyfall. so. freaking. good. sunday i woke up early and made chocolate chip pancakes for jordan, went to church, jordan watched football while i skyped my family (typical) and we played games at a friend's house. and now it's monday so we get to start it all over again... :)

January 14, 2013


i always feel bad for people that constantly say they live for the weekends. 'enjoy your weekdays!' i naively told them.

well..i understand now. between working around 30 hours, going to school full time, trying to keep up with gym time, house chores, and homework--and then having a husband that works part times, goes to school full time, and has an internship, we are, what feels like, always running like mad. we see each other for a few minutes at night and sometimes in the mornings. we are learning to make every one of those moments count, though.

when friday night hit, i'd never been so happy to see the weekend! we celebrated by attending my work holiday party at the grand america hotel. fancy food & my favorite girls = pretty great.

it snowed like mad all that day. roads were closed, everything was icy, and it. was. so. cold. i had heels on, and jordan carried me through the snow like a champ. so adorable.

not so adorable? getting a flat on the way home. it was a first time fix for both of us, but luckily we had help. THANK YOU god-sent maverick worker! he was on his hands and knees in the slush helping us figure out the jack between customers inside. you are an angel, raspy-voiced old man.

funny thing as, as soon as we got in the car to drive home (after what felt like hours in that freezing parking lot) a homeless man came up and asked for a ride. i declined, and then minutes later thought, 'this random worker just spent an hour in the cold helping us fix our tire, and i can't even give a 5 minute ride to someone? how selfish can i be?'

i felt like an idiot until jordan told me that although we are happy to serve, it has to be safe. but the irony!

saturday we did homework, got our tire replaced, cleaned, and had friends over to play games. sunday we literally just lounged. ate brownies for dinner, watched tv, napped, watched a movie, and had some good conversation, just the two of us. it was so relaxing after what felt like 6 days of pure craziness.

i am grateful for all the wonderful things keep jordan and i busy. we are learning and progressing--but the once we push through the week, i'm sure glad to have those weekends up ahead :)

January 7, 2013

awful waffle.

after almost 3 weeks of vacation, we are finally home! between laundry, the gym, organizing, a flooded bathroom (that was fun) and shopping, we managed to celebrate our friend kirsten's 23rd and try out the awful waffle before the weekend was up.
let's talk about the awful waffle for a second. it is darling--chalkboard walls, couches instead of chairs..&  it's food: SO GOOD. melt in your mouth cinnamon-sugar waffles topped with strawberries, nutella, (NUTELLA!), whipped cream, cream cheese icing, bananas...we will be returning shortly. 

i'm going to go ahead and suggest that another one of my new years resolutions is to tote my camera around more often. these iphone pics are kinda gross.

January 3, 2013


christmas break was magical. we slept in until 9:30, ate, watched all three lord of the rings, (first time for me!) went tubing, ate out, did crossfit, bowled, played so many board games, ate, i learned how to play chess, watched football, watched basketball, played shooting games, reconnected with old friends, ate, hot tubbed, cooked, played just dance, and enjoyed not thinking about responsibilities :)

jordan and i have really been blessed with wonderful families that we love to be around. because this was our first christmas married, finding a guilt-less balance between the two families was difficult. luckily they are very understanding and just happy to see us whenever they can. 

although i adore my family, i am especially grateful for jordan's. his parents are helpful, happy, solid individuals and his siblings are so sweet. they are all good examples of living productive lives and enjoying everything they come across. i want to be more like them. 

for some odd reason, coming out of this break has made me love my husband more!  i don't know if it's just the added measure of hospitality that comes with the holidays, or the fact that we literally had no pressures or responsibilities, but MAN ALIVE i love that guy! he's the best thing!

our new years was simple but fun--playing games with friends and setting off a couple of fireworks at midnight. (we went straight to bed after. old and married much??) the concept of my "fresh start" this year hasn't quite hit me yet, but it's been fun to reflect on the past year. it's been full of adjustment, change, and a LOT of big decisions, including the choice to get married. i feel like i turned a big corner in 2012, and im still skidding around that turn so i can start to move forward, quickly. 

quick recap of 2012: finished my internship in film and worked in the optical field as a tie-over, cruised to mexico with a big group of friends and immediately after went to florida and disneyworld with my childhood friend and her parents, accepted a proposal, travled to seattle with fiancee,  planned and executed a pretty spectacular wedding, honeymooned in san francisco, moved to utah, got a job with a software company, figured out (for now) what i'm doing to finish my education, and ended the year surrounded by a new family and new friends. 

this year, i want to focus on pushing myself. extending my efforts a little farther each day. i want to work out a little harder, be more unselfish, have a better attitude, read more books, actually get out of bed when my alarm goes off, be dedicated to school, do more to be a kind, understanding, and sweet wife, offer to help more, and generally just be more involved, more energetic, and more on top of things. i have all of the makings for a good life right here--i just need to challenge myself to create with them the best life that i can.