our week.

should i be embarrassed about this? this is why i think no.

1. the dishes miraculously got done every night.
2. i am not a chronically messy person.
3. school, working out, getting sick, working, commuting, homework, intramural basketball games, and precious, precious, sleep. there was no time to take out the trash!
4. i don't think it hit 20 degrees this week. too cold to venture to the dumpster.
5. the trash did get emptied right after this picture was snapped.

see? problem solved.

jordan and i had big plans on friday night but when i got home, we looked at each other & said, 'want to stay in instead?' man, i love him. some blue bell ice cream and 4 or 5 episodes of 30 rock later, i'd say my friday night rocked.

saturday we got errands done, hit up smash burger and finally saw skyfall. so. freaking. good. sunday i woke up early and made chocolate chip pancakes for jordan, went to church, jordan watched football while i skyped my family (typical) and we played games at a friend's house. and now it's monday so we get to start it all over again... :)