christmas break was magical. we slept in until 9:30, ate, watched all three lord of the rings, (first time for me!) went tubing, ate out, did crossfit, bowled, played so many board games, ate, i learned how to play chess, watched football, watched basketball, played shooting games, reconnected with old friends, ate, hot tubbed, cooked, played just dance, and enjoyed not thinking about responsibilities :)

jordan and i have really been blessed with wonderful families that we love to be around. because this was our first christmas married, finding a guilt-less balance between the two families was difficult. luckily they are very understanding and just happy to see us whenever they can. 

although i adore my family, i am especially grateful for jordan's. his parents are helpful, happy, solid individuals and his siblings are so sweet. they are all good examples of living productive lives and enjoying everything they come across. i want to be more like them. 

for some odd reason, coming out of this break has made me love my husband more!  i don't know if it's just the added measure of hospitality that comes with the holidays, or the fact that we literally had no pressures or responsibilities, but MAN ALIVE i love that guy! he's the best thing!

our new years was simple but fun--playing games with friends and setting off a couple of fireworks at midnight. (we went straight to bed after. old and married much??) the concept of my "fresh start" this year hasn't quite hit me yet, but it's been fun to reflect on the past year. it's been full of adjustment, change, and a LOT of big decisions, including the choice to get married. i feel like i turned a big corner in 2012, and im still skidding around that turn so i can start to move forward, quickly. 

quick recap of 2012: finished my internship in film and worked in the optical field as a tie-over, cruised to mexico with a big group of friends and immediately after went to florida and disneyworld with my childhood friend and her parents, accepted a proposal, travled to seattle with fiancee,  planned and executed a pretty spectacular wedding, honeymooned in san francisco, moved to utah, got a job with a software company, figured out (for now) what i'm doing to finish my education, and ended the year surrounded by a new family and new friends. 

this year, i want to focus on pushing myself. extending my efforts a little farther each day. i want to work out a little harder, be more unselfish, have a better attitude, read more books, actually get out of bed when my alarm goes off, be dedicated to school, do more to be a kind, understanding, and sweet wife, offer to help more, and generally just be more involved, more energetic, and more on top of things. i have all of the makings for a good life right here--i just need to challenge myself to create with them the best life that i can.