i always feel bad for people that constantly say they live for the weekends. 'enjoy your weekdays!' i naively told them.

well..i understand now. between working around 30 hours, going to school full time, trying to keep up with gym time, house chores, and homework--and then having a husband that works part times, goes to school full time, and has an internship, we are, what feels like, always running like mad. we see each other for a few minutes at night and sometimes in the mornings. we are learning to make every one of those moments count, though.

when friday night hit, i'd never been so happy to see the weekend! we celebrated by attending my work holiday party at the grand america hotel. fancy food & my favorite girls = pretty great.

it snowed like mad all that day. roads were closed, everything was icy, and it. was. so. cold. i had heels on, and jordan carried me through the snow like a champ. so adorable.

not so adorable? getting a flat on the way home. it was a first time fix for both of us, but luckily we had help. THANK YOU god-sent maverick worker! he was on his hands and knees in the slush helping us figure out the jack between customers inside. you are an angel, raspy-voiced old man.

funny thing as, as soon as we got in the car to drive home (after what felt like hours in that freezing parking lot) a homeless man came up and asked for a ride. i declined, and then minutes later thought, 'this random worker just spent an hour in the cold helping us fix our tire, and i can't even give a 5 minute ride to someone? how selfish can i be?'

i felt like an idiot until jordan told me that although we are happy to serve, it has to be safe. but the irony!

saturday we did homework, got our tire replaced, cleaned, and had friends over to play games. sunday we literally just lounged. ate brownies for dinner, watched tv, napped, watched a movie, and had some good conversation, just the two of us. it was so relaxing after what felt like 6 days of pure craziness.

i am grateful for all the wonderful things keep jordan and i busy. we are learning and progressing--but the once we push through the week, i'm sure glad to have those weekends up ahead :)