jordan and i are truckin away at school, work, internships, gym time, and cleaning! (i know that most people wouldn't categorize that at a top tier thing that keeps them busy, but i like our house to be tiiiidy every night when we go to bed. although that's not always reality, it's something that keeps me fairly busy.) so when the weekend comes, we are all smiles! even though we usually still have a lot to get done, it's nice to just feel like we have a break.

this past friday, i had a horrible, long day at work and when i got home i was starving. i'm usually not an emotional eater, but i told jordan..."taco bell." that's all i needed to say, really. once we got in the car, he was craving carl's jr and although i wanted taco bell, i also wanted a cheeseburger..? so after the mcdonald's drive thru, the carl's jr. drive thru, and stopping by taco bell for some potato tacos, we feasted on .99 cent treasures. (we even had to go back for 1 more taco.) it was disgusting, american, and glorious all at the same time. we're usually pretty on top of our eating, so it feels good to cheat on the weekends! we went to the byu art museum in our food coma and enjoyed some new exibits. (& broke a bunch of rules. i guess it makes us feel good about ourselves.)

when we got home, i was craving candy (i am grossed out by myself...but cadberry mini eggs!) so while i got some at the grocery store, jordan made our living room a fort. we watched a movie on the couch and although i fell asleep like halfway (20 minutes) through the movie, it was one of my favorite friday nights!

saturday, we went to the gym, grocery shopped, jordan played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, we cleaned, did laundry, got homework done, and tried out carabba's for the first time! we finished our movie in our fort later that night. (so sad when we had to take it down.) although it was not relaxing per se, it was a blast!

sunday i got up and made jordan breakfast in bed (tradition) and started making a triple batch of crock pot mac and cheese. jordan ushered for stake conference, i cooked and cleaned like a mad woman, we rushed to his grandparents for a quick dinner and back to our place to have people over for dinner & games! it was so fun but so exhausting! and then first thing monday morning im thinking, "okay my family is going to be in town this weekend, we will go out with these friends on saturday night..." it's bad. i love the weekends!

also....valentines day real quick. last year, we were living in different states but he surprised me with a gold necklace that's knotted at the center. 'forget not that i love you' it said in the card. i'm not much for mushy gushy, but i thought it was so sweet!

this year, i had school until 8:30 pm but when i arrived home, jordan had our mini dining room set up with a tablecloth, flowers, michael buble, and pasta cooking. it was the cutest! after some martinellis and dinner, we grabbed some dessert donuts and smith's. you know, to keep things classy. i sure love this boy of mine!