almost 6 months.

the day after tomorrow is jordan and i's SIX MONTH anniversary. six months! i feel like our relationship has changed so much in that time. i literally feel like i love him a thousand times more than i did the day we got married. i have turned into the girl that always wants to cuddle, gives constant cheek-kisses, and tells her husband she loves him about 17 million times a day. i kind of disgust myself, but's how i feel. my capacity to love him has grown and i desire to serve him, to be a good wife, and to make him happy more each day. some of my favorite memories (or maybe just some memorable moments) from the past 6 months include:

--our toilet overflowing. frantically grabbing all the towels we own (6) to try and stop it from reaching the carpet.

--our neighbor backing into our window & breaking it during the middle of night! i have never seen jordan so furious. luckily the guy didn't see jordan flip him off as we walked away. i think.

--the weekend we spent at jordan's cabin with his family in wyoming. we shot guns, made hunger games arenas for insects, played card games, and laughed a lot.

--walking in on jordan singing along to his favorite song in bed, doing actions, without a shirt on.

--spending a relazing evening at sundance walking around, taking pictures, and talking about life.

--getting a flat tire in the middle of a snowstorm.

--sneaking taco bell into the midnight premire of breaking dawn and just laughing at all the twi-hards.

--spending an entire evening stalking wierdos on craigslist, and simultaneously agreeing to lock our door nightly.

--spending our first couple of nights in the apartment without any electricity, and jumping like excited little monkeys when our lights came on for the first time!

--showing a little PDA in the grocery story one night, when a little girl sitting in her cart points and us and yells, "YOU KISSERS!"

can't wait for the next 6 months. i love you, baby!