my wonderful family & the comedy club

my family came to visit this weekend! (both sides, lucky me!) thursday night, jordan's parents were in town. i skipped a few classes & they took us out to brick oven. after jordan took me back to class, they took jordan to costco and bought us a butt-load of groceries. in their mind's, this is probably a small little way of helping but i am SO GRATEFUL. just knowing that there are 2 giant boxes of honey nut cheerios in our cupboard, and a lifetime supply of protein powder on top of our fridge from them gives me warm fuzzies. it's nice to have generous in-laws.

friday morning after i got ready my family showed up at our doorstep! (and my mom, being the wonderful homemaker she is, brought us ready-made freezer meals. it's about to overflow!) we went out to zupas as sisters, explored the BYU museum of art, and I made everyone try out the awful waffle. Jordan met up with us after classes and we all enjoyed Nickelcade (Jordan's favorite) together.

i really love being with my sisters!

mis spent the night with us friday, which is becoming a tradition that i love! saturday she accompanied us to costco and then i curled her hair and put make up on her for her dance competition! (she is amazingly precise, it blows me away.) we enjoyed some IHOP with my family and then said our goodbye's. i always miss my family more after they leave, it's weird. i felt the sting on sunday night.

we went to comedy sportz for a 10:15 show with alex, kayla, and their friends ali and brady. i didn't really have any expectations in my mind, but it was so good, clean, and hilarious. we were all literally rolling on the floor and different points. i love silly, stupid, random humor. we will be going back.