friday when i got home from work, we celebrated our anniversary with 5 guys, a milkshake, and almost getting in a car wreck (jordan pulled out to turn left and realized after the fact that there was a median. hello driving into oncoming traffic. luckily we were able to turn off the road to safety quick.) jordan had originally made reservations at a nice restaurant, but i told him that we could go a little simpler. plus if we're going to eat out, i want it to be GOOD. the nice place he originally wanted to go to serves heath conscience food. ha! those are sometimes my favorite nights--where we do something simple, but it is SO FUN. we have a blast together!

jordan was sick all last week, so he decided saturday was going to be 'get on top of things' day. he hadn't been working out or staying on top of his homework, so saturday we got up, killed ourselves at the gym (this power pump teacher on saturday morning kills me. it's so hard i start to feel nauseous.)  cleaned the house, did the laundry, did homework, and grocery shopped. sometimes i need a nap at the end of saturdays! it's so busy! we were supposed to get together with some family, but it fell through so we went out to some hole in the wall chinese/vietnamese restaurant with kayla and alex, i begged jordan until he took me to krispy kreme, (whaaaa? you're out of originals?) and we watched SNL with friends.

disgusting daylight savings was sunday, but it made up for itself by being a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny! the second we got home from church, we changed and bolted outside for a walk in the sun.

there is something to be said for those first few weeks of spring, after being cooped up inside for the last 5 months of cold and snow. it's so promising to know that soon you won't have to turn on the heat in your car before you go to work, or that you can walk to the grocery store. beautiful sunshine.