jordan & i were able to go to boise this weekend, as my little sister went through the temple. after a week of finals, pms, moving, extra work, & a car in the shop--it could not have come at a better time!

friday night as we drove around town, i kept having flashbacks of dating jordan in boise. riding in his dad's audi, trying every chinese place to see which one was the best, even the drive down eagle road to his house sent me in a nostalgic fit of giddiness. although boise know, boise, it will always be cool to me--because thats where i met my number one. (ps--it's really not that bad of a place.)

we started off saturday with a trip to the boise farmer's market, where we discovered a whole new section to freak alley... well as a handwritten "boise is" wall smack dab in the middle of the market.
i went on a sister date and jordan spent some time with friends. we met up later for some hot tubbing and gossip girl. (we heart gg.)
(crashing wedding photo booths of course.)

overall through, being with ashlyn in the temple was the best proud of this amazing girl!