May 29, 2013


 my cute sister!
mustache monday. 
 i insisted on a dozen donuts as my reward for finishing finals.
 i sent this picture to jordan after a costco trip. he replied, 'i want to go to there.' #30rock #nutellajunkies
 festival of colors! always a good time. 
 does this blazer make me look like hillary clinton?
 after a day of watching ciara tear it up on the volleyball court. this girl is amazing!
 being in love on easter sunday.
 double date at station 22.
a day hiking & at the park. (jordan is recreating an epic moment from the movie trailer for '42'.)

& last but not least...

jordan's duck face. lovely, isn't it?

memorial day 2013.

jordan & i got to spend the long weekend up at snowbird with his family! although we were sad we were unable to attend his sister's graduation, we made do & had a blast with cousins, aunts and uncles.

we played in the pool, played video games, watched [tons of] the playoffs, played bingo in the hotel lobby, & played cards. well, i mostly just lugged behind and tried to learn while everyone else played cards. these people take 'nuts' very seriously.

monday morning, jordan and i were able to get away by ourselves for a couple of hours & took a hike up red pine trail. sadly, as we began the hike, i turned on my camera and it was flashing low battery, so our phone pictures had to do.

^^scaling old trees and jumping across rivers, jordan's favorite.

May 20, 2013

blue plate diner.

this weekend was spent at the gym, watching movies, going on bike rides, & celebrating madi's birthday! we ate a blue plate diner (cutest/best food) had madi blow out some candles on a cupcake while we sang, & then we caught a fireworks show at the spring ballpark. happy birthday, cute madison!

ok rewind to saturday afternoon--jordan and i fixed up some bikes we found in his grandparent's backyard and took them for a spin in surrounding neighborhoods. i kept seeing all of these pretty flowers and thinking, 'how cute would those be in a mason jar at home?' so i started picking them and carrying them with me as we rode along. on our way back, it dawned on me that i had been picking these flowers out of people's yards. flowers they had planted. in my mind, i was picking wildflowers. earth to kayla--people plant those to stay in their front yard, not to be PICKED. duh. my bad.

& here's a self timer pic fail from our sunday walk to represent the fact that for every 15 pictures taken, there's one good one.

May 13, 2013


my very best childhood friend danielle graduated from unc this weekend, so jordan & i took a quick jaunt up to colorado to be part of the festivities!

although we drove over friday and back sunday, we still packed in some good times! we enjoyed a nice dinner with danielle & her parents on friday night, went to graduation at the unc football stadium, stuffed our starving bellies at danielle sorority 'grad party', (don't think we will be invited back anytime soon) explored csu campus (in my hometown!) and downtown fort collins where i satisfied a serious gelato craving, went back to danielle's grad party, where i talked and talked until people starting leaving. then i talked to the people that were left, and when they went home, danielle and i talked.

because my family has moved around a lot, i don't have a group of friends i grew up with--so it's fun to reminisce with the one friend who has known me since i was a little girl. (& still loved me through my ugly stage..) i am glad that although we are different people, danielle and i have a connection that has kept us close through the years of living in different states. i love being reunited and feeling as though you've never been apart.

what a great weekend, and hats off to danielle for making it to the end!

mother's day.

yesterday was mother's day, and although we were in the car driving back from colorado--here's a shout out to my 2 moms! (not lesbian moms. mother and mother in law.)
i was blessed with a hilarious, outgoing, charitable mother who is 17 at heart. i got my goofiness from her--for which i am forever grateful. i also got my ability to talk endlessly from her, of which i am sometimes grateful. thanks for being such a good example of service, giving yourself to others, positive thinking, and having faith in those you love, mom. i love you!
i also hit the jack pot of mother-in-laws. caryn is full of energy & good advice. she keeps a busy schedule of volunteering, supporting her kids in sports and social events--but still remembers to send jordan and i an easter basket full of our favorite candy and swimsuits for an upcoming vacation. although we've only known each other for a few years, i am grateful for the mother figure she already is to me, and for the example she sets to me to push myself!

needless to say, i lucked out in the mother department & couldn't be more pleased about these big shoes i have to fill. i love you both!

May 6, 2013

playing downtown.

after having a picnic with my family on saturday, jordan and i ventured downtown and wandered for several hours before ending up at johnny rocket's (naturally.) living in salt lake this summer is going to be great!

May 3, 2013

that one time we went to seattle.

about a month before we got married, jordan and i road tripped to seattle for his best friend alex's wedding. here's a quick recap of what we did:

after i slept for almost the entire drive (hehe) we explored downtown..
went to pike place..

asked a stranger to take a picture of us..
found a little hole in the wall pizza place for dinner. (bomb.)

took an amazing sailboat ride out in the harbor & watched the sun set over the puget sound..

went to alex's wedding..

visited my missionary grandparents..
rode the seattle eye..

at at post alley pizza (again..)
& stopped by belle's pastry shop on our way out. (that's jordan's best 'pillsbury dough boy' face)
we absolutely loved it--the weather (it didn't rain at all when we were there...? am i missing something?) the food, the sights, and cool-hipster-vibe. can't wait to see you again, seattle!

May 1, 2013

girls night, blue door style.

in college, i lived in the 'bloor door' house as a 'blue door girl.' we went to parties, went streaking, took random road trips, danced until our neighbors complained, slept on the roof, followed each other on dates, and generally were the funniest, craziest group of girls. (& we traveled together in a legit HERD everywhere we went.) we were known by our bright blue front door with a giant mustache taped to to it. all screaming, crazy, girliness aside though--these girls changed my life. their positive influence and light continue to help me be better everyday. they're pretty great. 

we have lived all over the country in the past few years, and with a few of us moving for good soon, we decided a reunion was in order. so we had our last hurrah at the little america hotel. we ate cheesecake factory, jumped on the beds, failed this self timer pic about fourteen times, and talked. we talked and talked and ate sour patch. the single girls asked the married girls questions, the married girls asked the single girls about dating. we shared funny memories and caught up on life until the conversation tapered off into bathroom topics. then we conveniently drifted off in the wee hours of the morning. (but not before some incriminating stories were shared.)
 the next morning we visited a friend across the street at the grand america and oh! the views! the exploring! the fluffy bathrobes in the closet! i've got my vote cast for my wedding anniversary. 
although my husband had to put up with 3-hours-of-sleep-kayla the next day (cue a lot of unnecessary tears) i am so glad for such a fabulous night & grateful to be a blue door girl :)