blue plate diner.

this weekend was spent at the gym, watching movies, going on bike rides, & celebrating madi's birthday! we ate a blue plate diner (cutest/best food) had madi blow out some candles on a cupcake while we sang, & then we caught a fireworks show at the spring ballpark. happy birthday, cute madison!

ok rewind to saturday afternoon--jordan and i fixed up some bikes we found in his grandparent's backyard and took them for a spin in surrounding neighborhoods. i kept seeing all of these pretty flowers and thinking, 'how cute would those be in a mason jar at home?' so i started picking them and carrying them with me as we rode along. on our way back, it dawned on me that i had been picking these flowers out of people's yards. flowers they had planted. in my mind, i was picking wildflowers. earth to kayla--people plant those to stay in their front yard, not to be PICKED. duh. my bad.

& here's a self timer pic fail from our sunday walk to represent the fact that for every 15 pictures taken, there's one good one.