my very best childhood friend danielle graduated from unc this weekend, so jordan & i took a quick jaunt up to colorado to be part of the festivities!

although we drove over friday and back sunday, we still packed in some good times! we enjoyed a nice dinner with danielle & her parents on friday night, went to graduation at the unc football stadium, stuffed our starving bellies at danielle sorority 'grad party', (don't think we will be invited back anytime soon) explored csu campus (in my hometown!) and downtown fort collins where i satisfied a serious gelato craving, went back to danielle's grad party, where i talked and talked until people starting leaving. then i talked to the people that were left, and when they went home, danielle and i talked.

because my family has moved around a lot, i don't have a group of friends i grew up with--so it's fun to reminisce with the one friend who has known me since i was a little girl. (& still loved me through my ugly stage..) i am glad that although we are different people, danielle and i have a connection that has kept us close through the years of living in different states. i love being reunited and feeling as though you've never been apart.

what a great weekend, and hats off to danielle for making it to the end!