girls night, blue door style.

in college, i lived in the 'bloor door' house as a 'blue door girl.' we went to parties, went streaking, took random road trips, danced until our neighbors complained, slept on the roof, followed each other on dates, and generally were the funniest, craziest group of girls. (& we traveled together in a legit HERD everywhere we went.) we were known by our bright blue front door with a giant mustache taped to to it. all screaming, crazy, girliness aside though--these girls changed my life. their positive influence and light continue to help me be better everyday. they're pretty great. 

we have lived all over the country in the past few years, and with a few of us moving for good soon, we decided a reunion was in order. so we had our last hurrah at the little america hotel. we ate cheesecake factory, jumped on the beds, failed this self timer pic about fourteen times, and talked. we talked and talked and ate sour patch. the single girls asked the married girls questions, the married girls asked the single girls about dating. we shared funny memories and caught up on life until the conversation tapered off into bathroom topics. then we conveniently drifted off in the wee hours of the morning. (but not before some incriminating stories were shared.)
 the next morning we visited a friend across the street at the grand america and oh! the views! the exploring! the fluffy bathrobes in the closet! i've got my vote cast for my wedding anniversary. 
although my husband had to put up with 3-hours-of-sleep-kayla the next day (cue a lot of unnecessary tears) i am so glad for such a fabulous night & grateful to be a blue door girl :)