that one time we went to seattle.

about a month before we got married, jordan and i road tripped to seattle for his best friend alex's wedding. here's a quick recap of what we did:

after i slept for almost the entire drive (hehe) we explored downtown..
went to pike place..

asked a stranger to take a picture of us..
found a little hole in the wall pizza place for dinner. (bomb.)

took an amazing sailboat ride out in the harbor & watched the sun set over the puget sound..

went to alex's wedding..

visited my missionary grandparents..
rode the seattle eye..

at at post alley pizza (again..)
& stopped by belle's pastry shop on our way out. (that's jordan's best 'pillsbury dough boy' face)
we absolutely loved it--the weather (it didn't rain at all when we were there...? am i missing something?) the food, the sights, and cool-hipster-vibe. can't wait to see you again, seattle!