June 19, 2013


hawaii in a nutshell: basically my in-laws rock, the north shore of oahu is unbeatably gorgeous, i love love love to paddle board, sea turtles are my favorte part about snorkeling, fires on the beach are relaxing, & i get sea-sick on catamarans really easily.

June 10, 2013

mia & eva's bakery.

i love weekends, have i mentioned? friday was my day off of work, & as luck would have it--(some of) my family was in town. i spent most of my time with my baby mia, because she is so darn cute (and demanded my attention. seriouly she's a little on the high maintenance side..in a cute way) we spent a few hours of the morning swimming at the pool, and yes i did get stuck inside that infant-sized blow up duck.
after we grabbed lunch, we hit up scheels, which was a good decision. seriously though, why had i never been there? 99 cent ice cream cones, photo booths, simulated golfing, and so. many. workout. clothes. it is magical.

jordan joined us after work, and we finished off family time by seeing 'now you see me' & baking cupcakes with this little red head. then jordan & i met up with friends at cheesecake to send off cassidy on her month-long adventure in europe. i'm callin it right now. i have the cutest friends. (we got home at 12:15 and were both wiped, because we never stay out that late. we are so not single anymore.)
saturday after our morning workout and (several) episodes of boy meets world (why was this show not part of my childhood? it is hil-arious & actually wholesome. so glad there are like...90 seasons left to watch) we headed to downtown salt lake for a little exploring & lunch. we stumbled upon eva's bakery on main street.
adorable, am i right??
^^^equally adorable. we then attended the temple with some of jordan's family.
the rest of the weekend included chile's (jordan is obsessed, and it's lost on me) church, & MORE boy meets world. this week will be spent making preparations for our upcoming trip to hawaii--wahoo!

June 5, 2013

joe's cafe.

saturday afternoon after hiking, we had worked up an appetite & decided to stop at joe's cafe. jordan had been there before but wanted me to have my turn--it's tiny and very hole-in-the-wall-ish, but usually those are the best places, no?

joe, the owner, is an extremely outspoken, charismatic black guy who cooks all the food himself. when i asked for water, he told me they didn't serve water & that he'd get me orange juice. the walls are lined with pictures of joe and every cutsomer he's ever fed. he totally makes the experience.

he & jordan had a nice chat about houston (joe is from one of the areas where jordan served his mission) and we enjoyed a meal so good that im positive he soaks everything in lard. my belgium waffle was to die for--and i usually don't even like waffles if they don't include nutella and chocolate chips. (& joe makes his bacon just how i like it--burnt. to. a. crisp.) jordan ordered a massive burger with onions, bacon, mushrooms, and probably a week's serving of meat. although it was a little too wild for my to try, as you can see, he certainly enjoyed it. 

(5 pounds fatter and happy as ever)

June 3, 2013


friday night after work, we packed up & went camping with kayla and alex. we enjoyed s'mores, tin-foil dinners, and laughing in the tent until we fell asleep. (we played 'marry, kiss, kill' until it turned into 'would you rather marry buzz lightyear, woody, or zerg? we're weird.)

the next morning we woke up & hiked bridal veil falls to finish off our little excursion. hooray for summer & being outdoors! (also hooray for naps the next day because it's impossible to get good sleep in tents :))