joe's cafe.

saturday afternoon after hiking, we had worked up an appetite & decided to stop at joe's cafe. jordan had been there before but wanted me to have my turn--it's tiny and very hole-in-the-wall-ish, but usually those are the best places, no?

joe, the owner, is an extremely outspoken, charismatic black guy who cooks all the food himself. when i asked for water, he told me they didn't serve water & that he'd get me orange juice. the walls are lined with pictures of joe and every cutsomer he's ever fed. he totally makes the experience.

he & jordan had a nice chat about houston (joe is from one of the areas where jordan served his mission) and we enjoyed a meal so good that im positive he soaks everything in lard. my belgium waffle was to die for--and i usually don't even like waffles if they don't include nutella and chocolate chips. (& joe makes his bacon just how i like it--burnt. to. a. crisp.) jordan ordered a massive burger with onions, bacon, mushrooms, and probably a week's serving of meat. although it was a little too wild for my to try, as you can see, he certainly enjoyed it. 

(5 pounds fatter and happy as ever)