July 30, 2013

thai food.

so, i'm kind of a picky eater.
as in, 'no, i'll just have the grilled chicken' 'no spiciness for me please!' 'sushi? no, thanks' 'do you want to just go to chile's again?'
my pallet is very, shall i say, american.
so i surprised myself by trying the chanon thai cafe on saturday night, a little family owned restaurant in downtown salt lake. (but not before i pleaded to go to asian star instead.)  
it was a big step for me, & it wasn't too bad! (the crab wontons were the only thing that i loved--but i did try everything) one step at a time. :)

ps-thanks to the baldwins for taking us to the blaze game afterwards. holy entertainment.

July 29, 2013

bike ridin '.

sunday night bike rides are bliss.
we caught the calm before the storm, & were parking our bikes as the first few drops started to polka-dot the concrete.
we also came upon this creamsicle sunset as we rode across an overpass:
jordan taught me (sort-of succesfully) how to ride my bike without handlebars and we got a little camera-happy.
jordan is so proud of that bottom-right shot.

hi, jordan. you're cute. and funny.

July 22, 2013

what a week.

holy crap.
this summer is flying by--but no matter, i'm actually craving school and crazy schedules and homework already.
i'm a psychopath, i know.
on tuesday, we had our 'last supper' with ashlyn at texas roadhouse. it was nice to be altogether, eating steak & sharing stories while it poured outside. it felt cozy & i'm going to miss ashlyn a lot.
cassidy & i attended a yoga class held at the grand america. it's usually outside on the courtyard, but due to some weather restraints it was held in a ballroom. not bad, right? salt lake is cool. [we attended a formal fireside afterwards in our workout clothes. oops?]

then jordan & i went to kenny chesney. i've never been a huge fan, but while we were in hawaii, jordan's parents had it on repeat and somewhere between having a campfire on the beach, watching the sun set on our deck, squishing leftover sand between my toes and the constant smell of sunscreen, it became correlated with all of those memories. kenny sooths me now--and makes it feel like summer.
loud music + the smell of beer + singing at the top of our lungs + spectating some impressive fights = great summer night. (unforgettable, anyway..)

theeeeeen we drove to boise again! on saturday, with 106 degree weather & about 500 cousins to entertain, jordan's mom did what any rational mother would do.
she rented a giant waterslide.
i'm pretty sure we all got our money's worth out of it. (with only minor injuries!)
then sunday we attended chandler's mission farewell & said our goodbyes to him, as he takes off tuesday morning to serve the people of ohio.
these last 2 weekends with our families have been chicken soup for the soul. so uplifting. so needed. a lot of those moments have occured where you feel like your heart is so swollen with gratitude and love and happiness that it almost hurts. and that constant lump in your throat that you get when you're trying not to cry too much, because you don't want anyone to hear audible sobs? that feels good, too.(happy cry is possibly a girl thing? i'm not entirely sure.)
jordan & i discussed crying on our way home from boise. there is something cleansing about letting it all out. i always feel like i am ready to rebuild, ready to start over, & ready to cope, after a good cry. ashlyn leaves on wednesday, so let's hope i'm ready to cope. :)

July 15, 2013


danielle & my relationship pretty much summed up in a picture:

ashlyn's farewell.

ashlyn leaves for pennsylvania is exactly 9 days.
can i mention how hard it is to know how to act, knowing that these are your last hours of normal life together before the day you have to say goodbye? i am so happy for ashlyn, & i can see how happy she is. but part my heart feels a little heavy, a little panicky. the other part is so excited & proud, so so so so so proud.
other than ashlyn's talk in church, (she slayed it) we participated in a little boise-marketing, lots of playing with baby cousins, & some sunshine. (& catching up with lots of families members that made the trek to boise for ashlyn.)
ps, danielle & her parents drove from colorado to be there. love having those guys around!

July 10, 2013

reason #1 i love jordan

okay, maybe this isn't the #1 reason, but it's definitely in the top 10. jordan loves taking pictures with me aka every girl's dream.


July 8, 2013

the fourth.

our fourth started off with a trip to sugarhouse park for a waffle from the 'saturday's waffle truck' & i found a winning combination in salted caramel syrup and raspberries.

we drove to provo afterwards where we met up with our friends kayla & alex for some pool time. (jordan, alex, and alex's brother ryan spent--and im not exaggerating--a full hour hitting a soccer ball with their heads, seeing how many hits they could get before it fell in the water. they hit a whopping thirteen.) #boywillbeboys

we BBQ'ed for lunch, got cleaned up, and headed to jordan's work party. we weren't sure if it was an intimate gathering or more of a 'come one, come all' type of thing--but HOLY PARTY of the NATION. white tents full of every food imaginable, batting cages, white couches on the lawn, a dessert table to impress even the most experienced party planner, a pool overlooking the valley, a live band, put-put golf, a photo booth, face painters, blow up slides, balloon artists, throngs of people, etc. there were even giant stars painted on the freaking grass. needless to say, we took full advantage and enjoyed ourselves.

brag moment: so proud of jordan for scoring his internship this summer. (and not just because his company party are off the hook) he works so hard & is so smart. he pushes himself, expects a lot of his work, and will never settle for medicrity. he's headed for great things in his career and this internship has been such a wonderful stepping stone for him. being surrounded by harvard & MIT men has really pushed him to step it up and think outside the box. i can't wait to see him enter the business world and tear it up. you're a genius, babe!

anywho, after the party we watched the stadium of fire fireworks show from just outside the stadium. the fireworks felt like they were literally shooting at you. we giggled and screamed like little children. (after out cheerleading routine with sparklers, of course) thanks for a fun fourth, best friends!

the next day was our ONE YEAR anniversary of being engaged. (is that a thing? if not, i'm making it one for us.) i can't believe we're already hitting year milestones! thinking back to the night we got engaged, i can't believe how much life has changed, how much i have changed. it's been quite a year, & i still think i'm pretty lucky that he asked!

^^^from the night he gave me my rock. we were babies.

we celebrated by eating at 'which wich' and experiencing their chocolate shake. it was literally the best chocolate shake i have ever had, and well worth documenting. then we headed to jordan's cabin for the weekend.

okay, when we were dating, i was warned about going to the cabin for the fourth of july, and how it would be a lot to handle. all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends congragate for a big fourth of july celebration every year, and it's complete madness. they even joked that jordan purposely didn't take me up there until after we were married. i was a tad nervous, & although they were right about the chaos, i can't complain--it was so much fun!

jordan played in a mud volleyball tournament (and took the championship), we shot guns, played with cousins, i got to ride on the firetruck in the afton, wyoming parade (a highlight of my life, let's be honest) watched movies, and played cards. this is another family tradition--a card game called nuts, and it is just that. it gets so intense and so competitive that jordan didn't even allow me to learn until memorial day weekend, when he felt like the family members we were with were conducive to me actually learning and not just getting yelled at.

 i didn't grow up playing cards, so these people are like10-30 years ahead of me. every partner i had was patient (luckily) while i learned how to simulatneously focus on solitaire, building piles in the middle, beating people to the punch, and getting rid of my short hand. in all honesty, i still can't keep all of the suits straight, but i am improving. & then something miraculous happened called, i won! ciara & i destroyed everyone, perfectly enough, on the very last game of the weekend. although it was mostly her, whats up! i can officially be a respected member of the family now! glory was mine.

^^^riding on the firetruck, and being more excited about it than the little girls.

July 3, 2013

things that make me happy.

i adore reading, and i especially adore books that (i think) will become literature. i just finished 'rules of civility' and although the story wasn't as captivating as i had hoped, holy smokes was the writing entirely beautiful. (i have a similar feeling towards most of fitzgerald's work.) i must have ear-marked 50 pages with quotes such as the ones below. this was towles debut novel, & i look forward to enjoying more of his work. some favorite quotes:

--..."but when a person loses the ability to take pleasure in the mundane-in the cigarette on the stoop or the ginersnap in the bath-she has probably put herself in unecessary danger."
--“...be careful when choosing what you're proud of--because the world has every intention of using it against you.” 
--“i've come to realize that however blue my circumstances, if after finishing a chapter of a dickens novel I feel a miss-my-stop-on-the-train sort of compulsion to read on, then everything is probably going to be just fine.” 
--“i know that right choices by definition are the means by which life crystallizes loss.”
stunning, right? anyway, other things i love include: 
kenny loggins & todo on repeat. long live top gun and 80's music!
watching boy  meets world before bed every night. SO horribly 90's, but SO wonderfully hilarious.
the fact that i haven't completely lost my tan from hawaii.

July 1, 2013

one for the books.

this weekend was pretty fabulous. it just felt summery and relaxed, two things i adore.

friday we lounged after work, found some cheap frozen yogurt (lemon cake batter was the find of the night) & walked around the block a few times, snapping pictures and holding hands. we blasted some kenny chesney (perfect summer night music, not even kidding) and found a hill to watch a fireworks show from. then we sat on an overpass and watched cars whiz by, musing about who they were, where they were going, what their lives were like, why they were headed towards downtown salt lake at 11 on a friday night. (jordan claimed "booty call" on every 3rd car, he's a real romantic.) it was simple, but that night was absolutely blissful. i love being with jordan, no matter what we are doing. just wandering around, listening to music, talking about current events and making each other laugh, i really feel like he is the only person i need, like it's us against the world.

i know love is not always fireworks and butterflies and sweaty palms and swooning and dilated pupils (ok i made that up, just a guess)-- sometimes love is patience, not getting what you want, being polite when you want to be a grump. but let me tell you, it's still pretty great in a, i want to squeeze your head off because you are so cute, and let me tell you a thousand times a night how much i love you, falling asleep cuddling, let's be best friends forever and laugh at each other when we say weird things, way. & i have to say, i like it that way.

saturday we ran our usual routine--gym, yard work, groceries, visiting grandma and eating some costco pizza. (costco pizza!) then we went to the drive-in's to see world war z, and we ended up staying for the double feature of now you see me. which was fun, but a bad idea. kayla plus 3 o clock am equals no bueno. i feel those consequences for days. anyway, have i mentioned how much i love the drive ins? i feel this retro-sort of, i'm in the movie grease coolness when i'm there. something about spooning with your girlfriends and husband (because he's that good of a sport) on a mattress pad in the back of a truck, watching zombies eat humans just feels like summer.

sundays are meant for lounging, so that's what we did. we played wii and watched top gun and ate an entire batch of waffles.

dear jordan,
you are so freakin adorable & i love spending all weekend with you. best friends 4eva.