one for the books.

this weekend was pretty fabulous. it just felt summery and relaxed, two things i adore.

friday we lounged after work, found some cheap frozen yogurt (lemon cake batter was the find of the night) & walked around the block a few times, snapping pictures and holding hands. we blasted some kenny chesney (perfect summer night music, not even kidding) and found a hill to watch a fireworks show from. then we sat on an overpass and watched cars whiz by, musing about who they were, where they were going, what their lives were like, why they were headed towards downtown salt lake at 11 on a friday night. (jordan claimed "booty call" on every 3rd car, he's a real romantic.) it was simple, but that night was absolutely blissful. i love being with jordan, no matter what we are doing. just wandering around, listening to music, talking about current events and making each other laugh, i really feel like he is the only person i need, like it's us against the world.

i know love is not always fireworks and butterflies and sweaty palms and swooning and dilated pupils (ok i made that up, just a guess)-- sometimes love is patience, not getting what you want, being polite when you want to be a grump. but let me tell you, it's still pretty great in a, i want to squeeze your head off because you are so cute, and let me tell you a thousand times a night how much i love you, falling asleep cuddling, let's be best friends forever and laugh at each other when we say weird things, way. & i have to say, i like it that way.

saturday we ran our usual routine--gym, yard work, groceries, visiting grandma and eating some costco pizza. (costco pizza!) then we went to the drive-in's to see world war z, and we ended up staying for the double feature of now you see me. which was fun, but a bad idea. kayla plus 3 o clock am equals no bueno. i feel those consequences for days. anyway, have i mentioned how much i love the drive ins? i feel this retro-sort of, i'm in the movie grease coolness when i'm there. something about spooning with your girlfriends and husband (because he's that good of a sport) on a mattress pad in the back of a truck, watching zombies eat humans just feels like summer.

sundays are meant for lounging, so that's what we did. we played wii and watched top gun and ate an entire batch of waffles.

dear jordan,
you are so freakin adorable & i love spending all weekend with you. best friends 4eva.