thai food.

so, i'm kind of a picky eater.
as in, 'no, i'll just have the grilled chicken' 'no spiciness for me please!' 'sushi? no, thanks' 'do you want to just go to chile's again?'
my pallet is very, shall i say, american.
so i surprised myself by trying the chanon thai cafe on saturday night, a little family owned restaurant in downtown salt lake. (but not before i pleaded to go to asian star instead.)  
it was a big step for me, & it wasn't too bad! (the crab wontons were the only thing that i loved--but i did try everything) one step at a time. :)

ps-thanks to the baldwins for taking us to the blaze game afterwards. holy entertainment.


  1. hey cute laddddy, i've nominated you for the liebster award! go to my blog for more info! :)

    1. yes! loved doing that--thanks for thinking of me :) love you


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