the fourth.

our fourth started off with a trip to sugarhouse park for a waffle from the 'saturday's waffle truck' & i found a winning combination in salted caramel syrup and raspberries.

we drove to provo afterwards where we met up with our friends kayla & alex for some pool time. (jordan, alex, and alex's brother ryan spent--and im not exaggerating--a full hour hitting a soccer ball with their heads, seeing how many hits they could get before it fell in the water. they hit a whopping thirteen.) #boywillbeboys

we BBQ'ed for lunch, got cleaned up, and headed to jordan's work party. we weren't sure if it was an intimate gathering or more of a 'come one, come all' type of thing--but HOLY PARTY of the NATION. white tents full of every food imaginable, batting cages, white couches on the lawn, a dessert table to impress even the most experienced party planner, a pool overlooking the valley, a live band, put-put golf, a photo booth, face painters, blow up slides, balloon artists, throngs of people, etc. there were even giant stars painted on the freaking grass. needless to say, we took full advantage and enjoyed ourselves.

brag moment: so proud of jordan for scoring his internship this summer. (and not just because his company party are off the hook) he works so hard & is so smart. he pushes himself, expects a lot of his work, and will never settle for medicrity. he's headed for great things in his career and this internship has been such a wonderful stepping stone for him. being surrounded by harvard & MIT men has really pushed him to step it up and think outside the box. i can't wait to see him enter the business world and tear it up. you're a genius, babe!

anywho, after the party we watched the stadium of fire fireworks show from just outside the stadium. the fireworks felt like they were literally shooting at you. we giggled and screamed like little children. (after out cheerleading routine with sparklers, of course) thanks for a fun fourth, best friends!

the next day was our ONE YEAR anniversary of being engaged. (is that a thing? if not, i'm making it one for us.) i can't believe we're already hitting year milestones! thinking back to the night we got engaged, i can't believe how much life has changed, how much i have changed. it's been quite a year, & i still think i'm pretty lucky that he asked!

^^^from the night he gave me my rock. we were babies.

we celebrated by eating at 'which wich' and experiencing their chocolate shake. it was literally the best chocolate shake i have ever had, and well worth documenting. then we headed to jordan's cabin for the weekend.

okay, when we were dating, i was warned about going to the cabin for the fourth of july, and how it would be a lot to handle. all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends congragate for a big fourth of july celebration every year, and it's complete madness. they even joked that jordan purposely didn't take me up there until after we were married. i was a tad nervous, & although they were right about the chaos, i can't complain--it was so much fun!

jordan played in a mud volleyball tournament (and took the championship), we shot guns, played with cousins, i got to ride on the firetruck in the afton, wyoming parade (a highlight of my life, let's be honest) watched movies, and played cards. this is another family tradition--a card game called nuts, and it is just that. it gets so intense and so competitive that jordan didn't even allow me to learn until memorial day weekend, when he felt like the family members we were with were conducive to me actually learning and not just getting yelled at.

 i didn't grow up playing cards, so these people are like10-30 years ahead of me. every partner i had was patient (luckily) while i learned how to simulatneously focus on solitaire, building piles in the middle, beating people to the punch, and getting rid of my short hand. in all honesty, i still can't keep all of the suits straight, but i am improving. & then something miraculous happened called, i won! ciara & i destroyed everyone, perfectly enough, on the very last game of the weekend. although it was mostly her, whats up! i can officially be a respected member of the family now! glory was mine.

^^^riding on the firetruck, and being more excited about it than the little girls.