what a week.

holy crap.
this summer is flying by--but no matter, i'm actually craving school and crazy schedules and homework already.
i'm a psychopath, i know.
on tuesday, we had our 'last supper' with ashlyn at texas roadhouse. it was nice to be altogether, eating steak & sharing stories while it poured outside. it felt cozy & i'm going to miss ashlyn a lot.
cassidy & i attended a yoga class held at the grand america. it's usually outside on the courtyard, but due to some weather restraints it was held in a ballroom. not bad, right? salt lake is cool. [we attended a formal fireside afterwards in our workout clothes. oops?]

then jordan & i went to kenny chesney. i've never been a huge fan, but while we were in hawaii, jordan's parents had it on repeat and somewhere between having a campfire on the beach, watching the sun set on our deck, squishing leftover sand between my toes and the constant smell of sunscreen, it became correlated with all of those memories. kenny sooths me now--and makes it feel like summer.
loud music + the smell of beer + singing at the top of our lungs + spectating some impressive fights = great summer night. (unforgettable, anyway..)

theeeeeen we drove to boise again! on saturday, with 106 degree weather & about 500 cousins to entertain, jordan's mom did what any rational mother would do.
she rented a giant waterslide.
i'm pretty sure we all got our money's worth out of it. (with only minor injuries!)
then sunday we attended chandler's mission farewell & said our goodbyes to him, as he takes off tuesday morning to serve the people of ohio.
these last 2 weekends with our families have been chicken soup for the soul. so uplifting. so needed. a lot of those moments have occured where you feel like your heart is so swollen with gratitude and love and happiness that it almost hurts. and that constant lump in your throat that you get when you're trying not to cry too much, because you don't want anyone to hear audible sobs? that feels good, too.(happy cry is possibly a girl thing? i'm not entirely sure.)
jordan & i discussed crying on our way home from boise. there is something cleansing about letting it all out. i always feel like i am ready to rebuild, ready to start over, & ready to cope, after a good cry. ashlyn leaves on wednesday, so let's hope i'm ready to cope. :)