girls night part II.

it all started with hot dog on a stick.
madi said, "can i have that thing that's hot dog, cheese, hot dog, cheese, and then deep fried?" the funny hat lady told her politely that the heath code didn't permit them to offer that anymore.
laugh out loud.
the night ended at taco bell (naturally) and in between included photo booths, rooftop concerts, life conversations at the duck pond, a giant spider, twerking, and some uninentional nudity.
good girlfriends--ones that make you want to be better, ones that accept you for the deep flaws you have, ones that you crave being around, ones that you feel totally yourself with, ones that you can act like youre 13 with & they think it's totally hilarious--you hold on to those ones. across marriages, missions, and state borders, you hold on to them.

{quote of the night goes to madi--"you guys, life is weeeiiiirrrd."
that it is.}