so, really..who doesn't like talking about themselves? here goes: (ps--thanks for the tag, ashley. you're a doll!)

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11 randoms:

+the day i met my husband, i rushed past him to go throw up after my workout. i didn't hear him ask for my name, and somehow that story got a happy ending. 

+ i have an ear fetish. i love to touch & bite--especially baby ears. mmmmmhmmmm.

+one time,  ate 2 baconators on a date. & yes, it was our last date. 

+ speaking of bad dates, i broke my arm on a roller-rink date in high school. he thought i was faking it,
 & i had to wake my mother up when i returned home so she could drive me to the ER. 

+ you know at the movies, those mini concession stands that are hidden back by the theaters? i think they are the cutest! whenever we pass one at the movies, it makes me excited. it stems from this obsession with hidden things--houses tucked behind corners, neighborhoods hidden behind big oak trees, and obviously this is too long of an explanation for me to get into right now.

+dream vacation? thailand. why? buddhism. it's fascinating.

+ no matter where i live, the library there will always feel like home. #myhappyplace

+i've gained 2 new loves since being married: country music & weight lifting. who knew. 

+ last december, i gave myself a black eye (and quite possibly a broken nose) by running into a pole in our parking garage. and by some miracle, there was no profanity. (out loud..)

+ i love shooting guns, but have this weird mental thing called every time i am holding i gun, i think omg i could shoot up this place and kill everyone right now! i mean, i dont....but i have that though every. single. time. (also see--driving next to a drop off)

(i stole a few of these from felica)

natural hair color?

strawberry blonde, reddish. i've been bleaching it since the 8th grade.

favorite place to shop?

jcrew's clearance rack allll day.

something you learned about yourself when you got married?

i'm not as fabulously independent as i thought i was. but on the flip side, i have learned that i have more capacity to love someone so deeply, so permanently, and have their happiness so entwined with mine than i ever thought. and i like that.

top 3 fave baby names?

after hours of discussion and countless suggestions (we're years out from getting pregnant but apparently we need to have the names down) we have decided on evelyn, blair, and boston. (blair and boston will obviously be twins. thanks in advance, god.) ;) a

things that make me gag?

feet & long, dirty fingernails.

go to meal//favorite recipe ?

i was going to skip this one, but i need to be honest with myself. i don't cook. i bake chocolate chip waffles every sunday morning, but other than that we live on protein shakes, cereal, and spinach ravioli from costco. im a horrible wife, but someday i'll learn. (i can make really good crock pot macaroni and cheese though. i'd like credit for that.)

all time favorite movie?

just like everyone else, i don't think i can narrow it down to one. sorry.
amazing grace//king's speech//what happens in vegas//ocean's thirteen//tommy boy//pocahontas

favorite thing about blogging:

journal keeping, writing. i have blogged privately for years, and love throwing ideas and thoughts down on a page. (screen) it brings lifeblood into those thoughts and helps me understand what im thinking. 

something you're passionate about?

my husband//the gospel//the written word//exercise//sleep, glorious sleep!

alright-- i would like karliemadi, and jessica to participate please :)

i picked the questions i wanted answered, + here's a few ideas:

+first kiss?
+guilty pleasure?
+embarrassing moment?
+your idea of the perfect day?