on being better.

last night, jordan and i sat in our bedroom and talked to one of his mission companions that recently returned home. he was still so pure, so sweet, & so full of the spirit.
i had a realization during the conversation: jordan and i need to be better. we have a great relationship, and this past (almost) year we have built a beautiful life together. but we need to work a little harder, be a little better.
we need to clean up our language, always have a good attitude, and work on never missing prayer together. we need to be better examples to those around us, we need to look for opportunities to serve, we need to strive to always carry light with us.
i often find myself in a state of limbo between accepting myself and pushing myself, my greatest paradox in life. but right now, i see a wonderful life around me, and i know i can rise to a higher standard.
& in these times of wanting to step it up, i am especially grateful for a companion who wants the same, who has a better resolve than i do, and pushes me to be my best and expect my entire effort.
"your decision to think right, choose right, & do right will rarely if ever be the easiest course to follow." -thomas s. monson