September 24, 2013

byu texas

so, confession.
i don't love football. (i can hear my husband wincing as i type this.) i love basketball, i love tennis, but football.. i just don't love it. the games are long, they are sometimes low scoring and booooring, i dont understand all of the rules and flag throwing, and why doesn't beyonce doesn't sing during halftime at every game? i wish i loved it, i really do. but, nope.
so when we got byu sports passes i was a little weary about how many football games i'd have to sit through. (basketball and volleyball though--sign me up!) as expected, some of our friends got in line bright and early for the home opener against texas.
we showed up about 2 hours before kickoff to claim our (3rd row) seats. we chatted and played on our phones, and about an hour later, kayla and i wandered into the stands to buy some food. as we walked back to our seats, the wind started blowing really hard. a few raindrops sprinkled down on us, and the BAM. it started to DUMP.
in under 3 minutes we were soaked to our skin. girls kept looking at me with pity and then wiping my makeup from under my eyes. if we sought shelter in the stands, we'd surely lose our good seats. (that taylor waited in line all day for) so we stood there getting soaked for the next 3 hours, as they delayed the start time.
the stadium created a sort of vortex for the rain. it would come whoooshing in, literally turn around, and rush back out the way it came. boxes, towels, papers, were dancing around in the air and being dropped off on the field. it was a hilarious, incredibly wet mess.
i was sure we would go home to change, get towels, warm up, but nooooo--those 3rd row seats kept us stuck right in our place, soggy, pruny, and shivering. at first i was like, hello this will be the longest night of my life. but after i changed my attitude around, and the screaming got my blood pumping, it was a-mazaing, and certainly unforgettable.
what a day, and what a game! texas 21, byu 40.

 before above, and after (obviously) below. wet puppies.

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg

September 19, 2013

more pictures.

thanks for the pictures, madi! you are one talented human.
and also, mushy gushy cheesy-ness forever!!
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September 17, 2013

anniversary weekend.

jordan surprised me with flowers, & i made him chocolate chip waffles. (actually i do that every sunday, but we'll pretend like it was on ceremony.)
after church we headed to our hotel. i forgot a few important things like our voucher for a free night (bless you, workplace!) and lingerie. (duh kayla! also...tmi.) but that didn't dampen our spirits!
we spent dinner reminiscing over our top 5 memories of the past year. honorable mentions included:
--snorkeling shark's cove together in hawaii. finding & following a sea turtle around, in the silent water. we both kept looking at eachother through our masks in amazement like 'wow, this is real life!'
--witnessing, in awe, several full on brawls at the kenny chesney concert.
--jordan surprising me with les miserables tickets for my last birthday. mind blown.
--our neighbor backing their car into our window in the middle of the night and breaking it. it wasn't funny at the time, but it tooootally is now.
--and of course, a million inside jokes. (they mostly come from me doing something embarassing.)
our hotel room was insane. as in, three times the size of our current apartment outfitted with 3 flatscreens and a glass shower the size of our bedroom. we were like kids in a candy store, using the wine glasses for our water, jumping on the bed, and referring to the room as 'our new apartment.' it was fun to pretend, ok?
it was a beautiful night for a beautiful year, and it's been the best year yet! can't wait for the many to come :)



September 12, 2013

jordan's 23rd.

we are honoring a birth-week over here (birthDAYS? psh!)--pizza night, friends, birthday dinners, guy's night, & lots of presents! this guy is pretty fetchin' wonderful and i love celebrating him. 

September 9, 2013

year one.

i always thought it was suuuper cheesy when people said 'i hit the jackpot' about their spouse. now i understand what they were trying to say. 

September 6, 2013


"for the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home."
--Stephanie Perkins
jordan in our new apartment. 2013.

September 5, 2013

things i'm excited about.

1. FALL. yep, i know everyone is all, 'sweaters! pumpkin starbucks! boots! playing in the leaves!' but that's because it really is, SO GREAT. that crisp air that isn't chilled enough to really sink in--but it gives you a cold tip-of-the-nose-and-fingers? that feels so refreshingly good. the anticipation of the holidays? almost better than the holiday itself! (i got 'have yourself a merry little christmas' stuck in my head today and it makes me get sooo warm on the inside!)
cuddling truly is better when it's cold outside, that's a fact.
and those fall colors. they sing to me.
also, i love school. especially new school supplies--breath in that smell of new notebooks and pencils. it will release endorphins, i'm quite sure.
there's something clean slate-ey about fall, it feels more like starting over than even the new year. the trees are going to die momentarily, and in a few months, grow new leaves. rebirth themselves. start over. that's what fall feels like to me. the chilly air slaps you into a beautiful reality and lets you start over.
and did i mention cuddling? :)
2. on the bottom floor of pike place market, there is THE photobooth of all photobooths. (and i deem myself a photobooth connoisseur) it sits in a moldy-smelling majic shop, tucked in the corner behind some sketchy literature and a palm-reading machine. we hiked & canoed previous to taking these pictures, and i swear you can't even tell that i was a sweaty mess! it provides this perfect vintagey, make you look decent tint. (and they provide fun props for you!)

3. pinsperation. i have been finding a lot of things that i really, really love on pinterest lately. things that inspire, not just funny memes or a few cute hairdos. here are a few:



September 3, 2013

washington, i love you.

i mean, how could i not? we only experienced one porrential downpour (conveniently while we were under the freemont troll bridge) and packed in as much sightseeing as humanly possible.
 ^^^are ya kiddin me?
 ^^^kerry park overlooking seattle

 ^^^we stopped post alley pizza, our favorite.
 ^^^a short little walk in discovery park turned into getting lost for a few hours..luckily we found this view of the sound.
 ^^^freemont troll!

 ^^^we took a ferry out to whidbey island...and let me just say. fist pump for planet earth!

^^^ah! all of the fog kills me, so beautiful.
^^^canoeing on u dub campus. many renditions of 'just around the riverbend' were sang.

^^^kayla sandwhich. (jordan, kayla, kayla, alex.) thanks for the good time, friends :)
& for our husband's sake, we won't mention the u dub bsu game. sorry, boys.