anniversary weekend.

jordan surprised me with flowers, & i made him chocolate chip waffles. (actually i do that every sunday, but we'll pretend like it was on ceremony.)
after church we headed to our hotel. i forgot a few important things like our voucher for a free night (bless you, workplace!) and lingerie. (duh kayla! also...tmi.) but that didn't dampen our spirits!
we spent dinner reminiscing over our top 5 memories of the past year. honorable mentions included:
--snorkeling shark's cove together in hawaii. finding & following a sea turtle around, in the silent water. we both kept looking at eachother through our masks in amazement like 'wow, this is real life!'
--witnessing, in awe, several full on brawls at the kenny chesney concert.
--jordan surprising me with les miserables tickets for my last birthday. mind blown.
--our neighbor backing their car into our window in the middle of the night and breaking it. it wasn't funny at the time, but it tooootally is now.
--and of course, a million inside jokes. (they mostly come from me doing something embarassing.)
our hotel room was insane. as in, three times the size of our current apartment outfitted with 3 flatscreens and a glass shower the size of our bedroom. we were like kids in a candy store, using the wine glasses for our water, jumping on the bed, and referring to the room as 'our new apartment.' it was fun to pretend, ok?
it was a beautiful night for a beautiful year, and it's been the best year yet! can't wait for the many to come :)




  1. AH ya'll look so classy :) I'm glad the weekend was so much fun! Happy anniversary. I'm sure they will just keep getting better and better :)

    Tightrope to the Sun


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