byu texas

so, confession.
i don't love football. (i can hear my husband wincing as i type this.) i love basketball, i love tennis, but football.. i just don't love it. the games are long, they are sometimes low scoring and booooring, i dont understand all of the rules and flag throwing, and why doesn't beyonce doesn't sing during halftime at every game? i wish i loved it, i really do. but, nope.
so when we got byu sports passes i was a little weary about how many football games i'd have to sit through. (basketball and volleyball though--sign me up!) as expected, some of our friends got in line bright and early for the home opener against texas.
we showed up about 2 hours before kickoff to claim our (3rd row) seats. we chatted and played on our phones, and about an hour later, kayla and i wandered into the stands to buy some food. as we walked back to our seats, the wind started blowing really hard. a few raindrops sprinkled down on us, and the BAM. it started to DUMP.
in under 3 minutes we were soaked to our skin. girls kept looking at me with pity and then wiping my makeup from under my eyes. if we sought shelter in the stands, we'd surely lose our good seats. (that taylor waited in line all day for) so we stood there getting soaked for the next 3 hours, as they delayed the start time.
the stadium created a sort of vortex for the rain. it would come whoooshing in, literally turn around, and rush back out the way it came. boxes, towels, papers, were dancing around in the air and being dropped off on the field. it was a hilarious, incredibly wet mess.
i was sure we would go home to change, get towels, warm up, but nooooo--those 3rd row seats kept us stuck right in our place, soggy, pruny, and shivering. at first i was like, hello this will be the longest night of my life. but after i changed my attitude around, and the screaming got my blood pumping, it was a-mazaing, and certainly unforgettable.
what a day, and what a game! texas 21, byu 40.

 before above, and after (obviously) below. wet puppies.

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