things i'm excited about.

1. FALL. yep, i know everyone is all, 'sweaters! pumpkin starbucks! boots! playing in the leaves!' but that's because it really is, SO GREAT. that crisp air that isn't chilled enough to really sink in--but it gives you a cold tip-of-the-nose-and-fingers? that feels so refreshingly good. the anticipation of the holidays? almost better than the holiday itself! (i got 'have yourself a merry little christmas' stuck in my head today and it makes me get sooo warm on the inside!)
cuddling truly is better when it's cold outside, that's a fact.
and those fall colors. they sing to me.
also, i love school. especially new school supplies--breath in that smell of new notebooks and pencils. it will release endorphins, i'm quite sure.
there's something clean slate-ey about fall, it feels more like starting over than even the new year. the trees are going to die momentarily, and in a few months, grow new leaves. rebirth themselves. start over. that's what fall feels like to me. the chilly air slaps you into a beautiful reality and lets you start over.
and did i mention cuddling? :)
2. on the bottom floor of pike place market, there is THE photobooth of all photobooths. (and i deem myself a photobooth connoisseur) it sits in a moldy-smelling majic shop, tucked in the corner behind some sketchy literature and a palm-reading machine. we hiked & canoed previous to taking these pictures, and i swear you can't even tell that i was a sweaty mess! it provides this perfect vintagey, make you look decent tint. (and they provide fun props for you!)

3. pinsperation. i have been finding a lot of things that i really, really love on pinterest lately. things that inspire, not just funny memes or a few cute hairdos. here are a few:




  1. awww such a cute post, you named so many wonderful things! in all honesty im about to jump put of my boots waiting for the pumpkin spiced lattes. oh so much rent money will be spent on those bad boys ;)

    xo marlen
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    1. hahahaha! it's so true. i always think i've found "the pair" of boots and then i stop by a famous footwear & realize 'dang...i need those, too.' fall is a dream!

  2. Oh. My. WORD. I know exactly the photo booth you are talking about in Pikes Place! GAH I am so antsy to go to Seattle it is unreal. I love this post and I will never not be excited for fall. No matter how many posts I read about fall being on its way or whatever, it never loses its magic.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. OH MY GOSH CUDDLING IN THE FALL IS THE BEST OH MY IT NEEDS TO BE FALL LIKE REAL FALL! alright, sorry. but like seriously, amen girl! those pics! love love love! and i MUST find this photo booth. i just need to find my way to Seattle first.

  4. hahahaha so glad you agree. there is literally nothing better!

  5. Those pictures of you tossing the leaves just makes me feel like a kid again. Now I desperately want to find a pile of leaves and jump in it! :)


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