washington, i love you.

i mean, how could i not? we only experienced one porrential downpour (conveniently while we were under the freemont troll bridge) and packed in as much sightseeing as humanly possible.
 ^^^are ya kiddin me?
 ^^^kerry park overlooking seattle

 ^^^we stopped post alley pizza, our favorite.
 ^^^a short little walk in discovery park turned into getting lost for a few hours..luckily we found this view of the sound.
 ^^^freemont troll!

 ^^^we took a ferry out to whidbey island...and let me just say. fist pump for planet earth!

^^^ah! all of the fog kills me, so beautiful.
^^^canoeing on u dub campus. many renditions of 'just around the riverbend' were sang.

^^^kayla sandwhich. (jordan, kayla, kayla, alex.) thanks for the good time, friends :)
& for our husband's sake, we won't mention the u dub bsu game. sorry, boys.


  1. Girl, you are making me miss Washington like mad! I used to go there like 6 times a year and I haven't been back in so long! I adore Washington. I plan on living in Seattle within the next few years. All that green is just to die for. Looks like a fun trip!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. my word, i want to be here! it is my DREAM to travel to Washington. i fee like it would just take my heart. these photos are just so lovely! what a stunning place. you are so right. fist pump for planet earth.

  3. haha im glad you agree! i'd put seattle/oregon coast on your vacation list. they are both incredible!


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