i feel like the jump from 22 to 23 crosses the canyon between early 20's,
carefree and 23,
adult is such a loaded word, is it not? it feels like a tall word to me, and i am gazing up from the bottom.
although, the thought of 24 seems even farther a jump.
i should have my shiz together, as a 23 year old woman.
my life should be figured out and i should be finding my place in the workforce.
but instead, i am still going to school.
partying with my husband.
soaking it all in and trying to be better....and i love it.

learning to be a wife was essentially what i did from 22-23. it's a pretty important job, and although i still have infinity more to learn, i'm grateful for this past year.

birthDAY celebrations included walking to the library, (walking and the library, my two favorite things!) cupcakes, & grilled cheese. (also on the favorites list.)

the birthWEEK included the muse concert, italian food, giant ice cream sandwhiches, a girl's night, movies, and me milking the celebration to get everything i wanted.

props to stastny for the exhausting, unforgettable, five-pound gain worthy week.


  1. UM Sorry that you two are seriously the most attractive couple in the world! Geez. :)

    Your birthweek sounds supreme! I'm glad you had such a good time :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. oh my word, what an amazing birthweek!! i could learn a thing or two from you. but seriously, sounds like such an amazing time!! love it!

  3. 24 does feel reeeeeally weird. You will do it gracefully, as you do almost everything! Love you.


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