conference weekend in black + white

ah, conference weekend. a) hit 'restart' on life. b) realign your priorities c) get a fresh and inspired perspective.
in between laying in bed watching/napping, we went on a pie-shakes and feed the ducks date. the duck population has at least doubled in the last few weeks. also skyrocketing was their confidence. instead of waiting for me to throw the bread to them, they just hopped out of the water & demanded it. it was really freaky. (read: hilarious)  feeding the ducks makes me feel like blair from gossip girl, which is never a bad thing.
you guys, THIS IS REAL LIFE. i swear i dreamed this up myself and costco said, 'okay we will make that!' giant tubs of nutella for only 37 dollars! we technically already have 2 jars of nutella at our house...but jordan still let me carry it around the store before we checked out. because he is a good sport.
on sunday we drove the alpine loop. oh man! FALL. and COLORS. also, that damp, fresh smell outside. too good.
also, all of these pictures are of me. jordan prefers taking the picture to being in it.

madi came over sunday morning to snuggle with us and eat bacon. (is that weird that my bed is community property to all of my girlfriends? i'm going to say no.) 
picture this with me: a great friend on one side, a fabulous husband on the other, fall sunlight streaming in my bedroom, and president monson talking about how wonderful eternal marriages are in front of me. it was one of those pure bliss moments. i am so blessed.
not pictured: girls night to the bridal party at alysse's. i think this means i have embraced provo living?
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  1. That nutella can is awesome! ha ha

  2. LOVE this will all my everything. Sammy's.... mmmm :) i haven't been in forever!! and i love all of these pictures. that nutella is unreal! i need it!

  3. shelby, have you been since they got their chocolate oreo pie shake? if not, RUN there immediately!!


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