on being irrisposible:
i can only enjoy it if i am responsible both BEFORE and promise myself i will be AFTER.
when you work hard, that day off is enjoyed and feels well-earned. when you have been abstaining from sweets (is there anything harder?) doesn't that cupcake taste better?
i like being irrisposible. i love being irrisponsible when i've earned it.
that said, jordan and i ditched a mountain of homework and our nightly workout last week to share a giant chocolate shake, watch 'how i met your mother', and talk about things other than grades and social issues and work schedules. this is a big deal for us, and relish in it we did!
great husband = great life.

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  1. You two are the absolute cutest! It's so important to check in with your person and have those silly, irresponsible nights which are usually what brought you together in the first place, when things were more carefree :) xo

  2. ah, i could not agree with you more.

  3. GIRL i am so excited to start following your blog! i read your sweet comment on my blog and i already love you. you and your husband couldn't be any cuter!


  4. Okay, you are absolutely adorable girl! Such great pictures :)
    xo TJ



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