imagine dragons.

a few weeks ago on a thursday night, jordan texted me,
'hey, would you be interested in going to the imagine dragons concert tomorrow for free?'
im pretty sure my reply included an excitment curse word.
we got a few more free tickets last minute friday, so i decided to invite some of the girls. (i am so lucky to have a husband who actually loves my girls, not just puts up with them.)
i totally expected them to a) not want to drive that far b) not want to ditch their other friday night plans, but i have the greatest girls that texted back, 'i want this!' and 'let me make a few calls, where should i meet you?'
vivnt hosted the concert, rented energy solutions arena, gave everyone an $8 voucher for food, and dropped balloons into the audience that were filled with money, nba tickets, what have you. opulence at its finest. (free ice cream tastes infinitely better than paid for ice cream.)
we got nosebleed seats because jordan had forgot to pick up his tickets until the day before, but no mind! we had a fabulous time, and imagine dragons is good in concert. like, really good.

^^^oh, hello babe of a husband.

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. Ahhh! I'm going to their concert next Friday I CANNOT WAIT! That first photo is flawless :) So cool!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. ah, you will LOVE them in concert!! have a blast!

  2. they are soooo good live!!! i saw them a couple summers ago, and it was unbelievable! that is so awesome!

  3. ahhhh looks like so much fun!! i have been wanting to go to an imagine dragons concert so bad!


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