sister #3

isn't my sister in law the cutest? we went & saw austenland last week (it was tooootaly ridiculous, but probably the funniest movie i've ever seen) and talked about boys and snuck lots of candy & starbucks into the theatre. having sisters is the best. i'm so lucky that i have three to call mine!

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  1. Austenland is thee funniest show ever. Hands down the weirdest, but cute for sure.
    ps cute outfit!

  2. i need to see this movie!! everyone keeps telling me how hilarious it is! sounds like it would be the perfect girls night!

  3. So cute!! I'm so grateful the sisters I've gained through marriage! I always wanted a sister growing up, at least I have them now :)
    I still need to see Austenland. I've heard it's hilarious!

  4. okay i saw austenland and i diiiiiiiiiiied from laughing so hard. like i was literally crying in the theater. it is the most ridiculous movie ever, but it's so hilarious!

    by the way you and your sister in law look gorgeous!


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