taking stock.

making: plans to date my husband this weekend. just us two. it seems like it’s been ages.  

cooking: bourbon chicken from costco daily. It is SO GOOD. (and by cooking i obviously mean microwaving.)

drinking: egg nog! already stocked up!

reading: the casual vacancy. it’s fairly explicit, but these characters are good.

wanting: a day with nothing to do but lay in bed, catch up on tv shows and read.

looking: forward to our halloween costumes!

playing: joe pug hymn 101.  

wasting: time trying to figure out how to live a more balanced life.

also wasting: a lot of time editing every picture i’ve ever taken on vscocam.

wishing: for ‘sunny and low 60’s’ to stay forever.

enjoying: my ethics & values class, & learning to really take a step back and look at our societal structure, how it’s affected us.

waiting: for the weekend.

liking: our nightly, lively discussions about everything—from affirmative action… to how fast the speed of light really is. jordan and I take stock of everything we’ve learned in school by reiterating it to the other person.

wondering: where to start in this never ending quest to better myself.

loving: weekly emails from ashlyn—she is loving every second of her life. she’s only been gone 2 months but i see a world of difference in her. she’s grown up.

hoping: for a stronger resolve in my small decisions.

marveling: at these fall colors. the red, the yellow—does it not seem brighter this year? it never gets old, every time i step outside i am taken aback.

needing: something to soothe my aching muscles. lunges are killing me this week!

smelling: cinnamon sticks boiling on my stove.

wearing:  tights and boots.

noticing: how really brilliant my husband is. he is the most driven person i know, & i can’t wait to see him make a big deal of himself.

thinking: a lot about peace. how to achieve it, what it means for me, etc. asking a lot of questions of myself.

feeling: not as stressed as i should be. a win, in my book.

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  1. are you serious? this post is perfect. what an awesome idea for a post!!! i hope you do more of these!!!

    1. thanks, shelby! you should join in on the fun, too & do one!

  2. probably going to steal some of these ideas.... ;)

    1. please do! i love reading these on other's blogs :)

  3. can you believe i've never tried eggnog before...like wut? and haha that Bourbon chicken sounds gooood

    xo marlen
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  4. I finally got that day of relaxing in bed catching up on tv shows...hope you get to it soon.

    xo erica

  5. Date your husband. Yes yes yes yes. You guys are the cutest couple I ever did see.

  6. um, you're def not wasting time putting effort into having a more well balanced life. good for you!

  7. "wanting: a day with nothing to do but lay in bed, catch up on tv shows and read. " Seriously. PLEASE! Glad you commented so I could find you :)


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