November 26, 2013

random things i love.

1. walking.
i could walk until my feet blister. i love being outside, being able to get where i want to go on foot is empowering to me, & my mind is always refreshed after a long walk. i enjoy noticing the details of my surroundings, in a way that you can't see when whizzing by in a car.
2. butts
just go with it. i love my husband's butt, i love when little kids have squeezable bread-dough bums, and i love my butt. and i'm not ashamed. it's the only part of me that stays consistantly tight & toned.
3. saltine crackers
they are totally in the running for my favorite food. i crave them constantly, & have yet to find anyone with a shared passion for the saltine.
4. internet research on criminals
if i hear about a horror movie based off of a true story, or read about a murderer in the newspaper, i head straight to wikipedia and read up on their life, their victims, their sentence. it's the masochist in me, i suppose. i don't particularly enjoy gory or creepy things, but i can't seem to tear my eyes away from the computer screen until i have exhausted my resources and know everything about ted bundy, ed geen, gertrude baniszewski.

anybody else have any random things that they are in love with?

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November 19, 2013

liars & krumping

+ jordan and i spent friday night at the christmas lights celebration at riverwoods, & saturday night at the tree lighting at traverse mountain. (aka i married a good one.)

i was a little tuckered out from all the screaming i did when they lit up the tree. but look! purple lights! ^^^

+at our apartment complex game night, i won ‘pass the pigs’ two times in a row! & this is a big deal because i am a habitual loser at games.
+on friday at riverwoods, while i was minding my own business getting a waffle from waffle luv, they lit off unexpected fireworks. i couldn’t see them from my vantage point, & the sharp pops made me think the place was being  shot up. i cannot adequately express what went on in my mind for those few seconds before hearing ‘ooo fireworks!’ from the family next to me. jordan and i were separated at the moment, and my first thought, blaring and immediate, was ‘find jordan NOW.’ there was zero fear for myself, only that i wanted to be reunited with jordan and that i wanted him safe, where i could see him. i was shaken up only for a few minutes, but it’s interesting to see the ‘mama bear’ in me occasionally rear her head.
+i listened to a podcast from radiolab last week about pathological liars. apparently, the physical makeup of their brains are different from honest people’s brains. (the study was unsure if lying caused  the changes in their brain, or if they were liars because their brains were different.) either way, it was the most interesting thing i had heard in months. also—your face has over 3,000 involuntary ‘micro-expressions’ that show our true & genuine emotion.
+my newest goal is to start to unplug myself from my phone/social media. it is a great tool, but i could really use some detachment—i need to start working on my face to face communication, and caring less about what was last posted on instagram. i’m planning on starting thanksgiving weekend. i am going to leave my phone upstairs & not allow myself to touch it until bedtime. embarrassingly enough, i expect this to be legitimately hard.
+on saturday night, after undressing for the day, jordan and i realized we had left groceries in the trunk. i threw on some of his clothes and a pair of boots so i could go & get them. i thought the baggy clothes/boots combo was hilarious, so i started krumping (read: white girl moving her legs really fast. also see: acting like an idiot) in front of the mirror, singing a made up song, to which the only lyrics were: ‘looking like a g!’ my pelvis then decided to crack in half (not really) and send shooting pains up my abdomen.  i fell to the floor yelling, ‘i broke my pelvis!’ and i think we both died of giggle-fits for the rest of the night. jordan keeps texting me ‘looking like a g…i broke my pelvis!’ with that little smug-smiley emoticon. i would be mad but it’s just too funny.

riverwoods magic^^^

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November 14, 2013


since it was fresh with snow, we drove up to snowbird & rode the tram last weekend. man alive, utah is gorgeous! i felt like we should be filming for a 'planet earth' segment. the sunlight sparkling on the fresh powder, a piercing blue sky, & air so clean you can feel it in your lungs. it was magic.

i also experienced forrest gump for the first time later that night. where has that movie been all my life?

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November 12, 2013

everyone's doing it.

grateful list:
+cliche as it may be, i am first & foremost grateful for a wonderful husband. he is a hilarious best friend, a loyal companion, and a trustworthy confidant. my life is so great, because of him. i am grateful for our differences & the way they compliment each other.
+i am grateful for the opportunity to learn everyday. school is challenging, but stretching my mind around new ideas and adding depth to old ones is so rewarding.
+being a woman is great. i am so lucky to have more opportunities now than any generation before me. i am grateful for a feminine, nurturing, tender side that i can continue to cultivate.
+i am grateful for passion. that fire within me that excites and drives. i am especially grateful for a passion for writing & the lifeblood it puts into my thoughts/ideas.
+the best girlfriends in the world, who have stuck together through moves & marriages. i love the level of comfort, of authentic-ness i feel from myself when i am with them. grateful for their positive + open ideas about life.
+my sister missionary & the blessings her service is bringing to me + my family.
+the anticipation of the holidays (sometimes better than the holiday itself?) visions of baking with my mom, cuddling around the fireplace with my siblings, hot tubbing at my in-laws in the freezing cold, movie marathons in the basement, christmas music 24/7 with no guilt--ah, bring me christmas break!
+grateful that there are crunchy fall leaves still left and that tempuratures are lingering in the '60's. fall was great to us.

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November 8, 2013

joe pug + state room + grainy photos

a few weeks ago, madi invited me last minute to see joe pug at the state room in salt lake. she even picked me up, like a good date should.
i had listened to joe a little, but it had been years. his songs are like lullaby's. soothing & soft. his  voice sounds like what i imagine listening to your grandpa sing to you on the front porch of a cabin in the woods would sound like.
the state room is set up with church pews, stadium style. we sat on the front row and just melted into our bench. it was so relaxing, so refreshingly calm--words i'd never thought i'd attach to a concert.
the night, the music, the place--it was so easy to get lost in my own thoughts & feel isolated, accompanied by the blue-grassy voices crooning in the background. i could put the music right in front of me and listen intently to the lyrics. but then i could put the music behind me and see my thoughts, played out on the black carpet in front of me.  the music served as a perfect backdrop for my busy head that night.
& these lyrics, yes yes yes:
"i've come here to get high,
to do more than just get by,
i've come to test the timber of my heart."


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November 6, 2013

& halloween.

jordan & i dressed up as dan & serena from gossip girl for halloween this year. (we heart gossip girl!)
i ordered a skirt online, and when it arrived--it was a child's size 6, instead of an adult size 6. i was determined to make it work, & it must have been a hilarious sight to watch--me trying to pour myself into that bite-size piece of fabric, cutting away at the sides to make it cover my hips and grunting in frustration when it wouldn't.
 in the end, i wasn't ok with the bottom half of my butt on display, so we made a 4 hour emergency run all around salt lake to try and find a replacment. in the end, as i should have known all along, target pulled through for me.
we attended a friend's halloween party where we made new friends and played 'wearwolf'--a hilarious rendition of 'murderer in the dark.' we stayed until we were drunk with laughter and started making vine's of eachother acting stupid. that's when you know you've stayed too long.
xoxo, gossip girl

instagram behind the scenes^^^

our cute party hosts as pikachu and ash ^^^
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November 5, 2013


1. after listening to a lecture on the patterns of conversation yesterday, i made a small discovery about myself. i would love to be a communications scholar. as much as i love journalism, (and who knows what life will actually throw my way) studying human communication has been endlessly fascinating.
research in the communications field centers around taking something so basic, so seemingly arbitrary (talking to someone, forming a friendship, having an argument), and organizes it. attatching specific meaning to our communication, adding depth to something that we do without even thinking about, it's exhilerating. and at the end of the day, humans are altogether unpredictable--making the study endless.
perhaps someday i will get to travel to a remote location, and study power communication among a culture unpolluted by the complications of modern life. but for now, i will pour over my communications textbooks like i would a mystery novel.
2. fall has officially ended. (i can say that confidently because i am watching a blizzard outside of my office window.)
jordan and i took one last fall walk on sunday. the leaves were wet, and the air cold, but it kind of helped me say goodbye to the magic that accompanies fall.
oh, and some of the houses we stumbled upon! the neighborhood we walked was a cute, mismatched jumble of cottage-style houses, little red brick houses, and ancient, regal looking houses with pillars on the front. we even saw one with a white bust of a 'civil-war hero' looking man above the biggest window. there is so much charm in old nieghborhoods that haven't been renovated. aka thats just a really nice way of saying half of provo was built in the '60's.
3. although driving in snow-traffic kills my soul a little, we are a little closer to the holidays. the downhill craziness that encompasses thanksgiving, christmas, & new years starts now. and then it spits you back into january wondering what just happened.
 if you sit down with some egg nog and listen to ella fitzgerald's 'what are you doing new years eve'
or bing crosby's 'i'll be home for christmas'
or judy garland's 'have yourself a merry little christmas'
or sinatra's 'mistletoe and holly'
or nat king cole's 'the christmas song'
(i love christmas music)
you can almost feel it approaching.
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