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grateful list:
+cliche as it may be, i am first & foremost grateful for a wonderful husband. he is a hilarious best friend, a loyal companion, and a trustworthy confidant. my life is so great, because of him. i am grateful for our differences & the way they compliment each other.
+i am grateful for the opportunity to learn everyday. school is challenging, but stretching my mind around new ideas and adding depth to old ones is so rewarding.
+being a woman is great. i am so lucky to have more opportunities now than any generation before me. i am grateful for a feminine, nurturing, tender side that i can continue to cultivate.
+i am grateful for passion. that fire within me that excites and drives. i am especially grateful for a passion for writing & the lifeblood it puts into my thoughts/ideas.
+the best girlfriends in the world, who have stuck together through moves & marriages. i love the level of comfort, of authentic-ness i feel from myself when i am with them. grateful for their positive + open ideas about life.
+my sister missionary & the blessings her service is bringing to me + my family.
+the anticipation of the holidays (sometimes better than the holiday itself?) visions of baking with my mom, cuddling around the fireplace with my siblings, hot tubbing at my in-laws in the freezing cold, movie marathons in the basement, christmas music 24/7 with no guilt--ah, bring me christmas break!
+grateful that there are crunchy fall leaves still left and that tempuratures are lingering in the '60's. fall was great to us.

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  1. This is one of my favorite grateful lists. You hit the nail on the head with so many. I'm so grateful for school and passion. These are probably my top two this year. And yes. This fall has been WONDERFUL and long :) So appreciative of that this year. I'm so excited for Christmas and snow but I'm not done with these leaves yet :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. being most grateful for husbands is definitely not cliche. :) it's so called for!

  3. I LOVE your gratitude list. This was so endearing! I loved that you said you're grateful to be a woman. What would the world be without some tenderness ;) But for reals, sometimes I feel like we forget what a great blessing it actually is!

    Loved this!



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