& halloween.

jordan & i dressed up as dan & serena from gossip girl for halloween this year. (we heart gossip girl!)
i ordered a skirt online, and when it arrived--it was a child's size 6, instead of an adult size 6. i was determined to make it work, & it must have been a hilarious sight to watch--me trying to pour myself into that bite-size piece of fabric, cutting away at the sides to make it cover my hips and grunting in frustration when it wouldn't.
 in the end, i wasn't ok with the bottom half of my butt on display, so we made a 4 hour emergency run all around salt lake to try and find a replacment. in the end, as i should have known all along, target pulled through for me.
we attended a friend's halloween party where we made new friends and played 'wearwolf'--a hilarious rendition of 'murderer in the dark.' we stayed until we were drunk with laughter and started making vine's of eachother acting stupid. that's when you know you've stayed too long.
xoxo, gossip girl

instagram behind the scenes^^^

our cute party hosts as pikachu and ash ^^^
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  1. omg! that's kayla! i can't believe you know her! well... I went on a sort of a set up group date with her and her husband a year ago. but they were the coolest couple. weird... small world!!

    xo. m.

    1. haha! i love finding connections like this. my husband & alex (kayla's husband) grew up together, and they are like our best friends, we are with them almost every weekend! they are the greatest couple :) did you end up with the guy you were on the date with..?

    2. haha not even close! everyone was fun and the date was a blast, but my guy was super awkward. it was a blind date and I'm not really good at those.

    3. haha! those are the worst. this story made me day. i have to ask kayla if she remembers!

  2. well, i have never watched gossip girl, but the pikachu and ash costume is the coolest ever!

    1. i agree--pikachu and ash was the best costume of the night!

  3. Kayla, your blog is so cute! I'm excited to read more :)

    Your newest follower,


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