liars & krumping

+ jordan and i spent friday night at the christmas lights celebration at riverwoods, & saturday night at the tree lighting at traverse mountain. (aka i married a good one.)

i was a little tuckered out from all the screaming i did when they lit up the tree. but look! purple lights! ^^^

+at our apartment complex game night, i won ‘pass the pigs’ two times in a row! & this is a big deal because i am a habitual loser at games.
+on friday at riverwoods, while i was minding my own business getting a waffle from waffle luv, they lit off unexpected fireworks. i couldn’t see them from my vantage point, & the sharp pops made me think the place was being  shot up. i cannot adequately express what went on in my mind for those few seconds before hearing ‘ooo fireworks!’ from the family next to me. jordan and i were separated at the moment, and my first thought, blaring and immediate, was ‘find jordan NOW.’ there was zero fear for myself, only that i wanted to be reunited with jordan and that i wanted him safe, where i could see him. i was shaken up only for a few minutes, but it’s interesting to see the ‘mama bear’ in me occasionally rear her head.
+i listened to a podcast from radiolab last week about pathological liars. apparently, the physical makeup of their brains are different from honest people’s brains. (the study was unsure if lying caused  the changes in their brain, or if they were liars because their brains were different.) either way, it was the most interesting thing i had heard in months. also—your face has over 3,000 involuntary ‘micro-expressions’ that show our true & genuine emotion.
+my newest goal is to start to unplug myself from my phone/social media. it is a great tool, but i could really use some detachment—i need to start working on my face to face communication, and caring less about what was last posted on instagram. i’m planning on starting thanksgiving weekend. i am going to leave my phone upstairs & not allow myself to touch it until bedtime. embarrassingly enough, i expect this to be legitimately hard.
+on saturday night, after undressing for the day, jordan and i realized we had left groceries in the trunk. i threw on some of his clothes and a pair of boots so i could go & get them. i thought the baggy clothes/boots combo was hilarious, so i started krumping (read: white girl moving her legs really fast. also see: acting like an idiot) in front of the mirror, singing a made up song, to which the only lyrics were: ‘looking like a g!’ my pelvis then decided to crack in half (not really) and send shooting pains up my abdomen.  i fell to the floor yelling, ‘i broke my pelvis!’ and i think we both died of giggle-fits for the rest of the night. jordan keeps texting me ‘looking like a g…i broke my pelvis!’ with that little smug-smiley emoticon. i would be mad but it’s just too funny.

riverwoods magic^^^

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  1. HAHAHA stop it!!! the krumping! that sounds like something i would do! and AMEN on the whole unplugging thing. that has been my number one goal lately. i was getting a little out of control.

    1. shelby i never told you, your post on all of the funny text messages had my husband & i rolling, we were laughing so hard! anyway, i'm glad you're a weirdo & would krump, too :)

  2. Radiolab is the greatest thing in the world. I love sitting in my bath tub and listen to radiolab. It's the best ever.

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. haha! love that about you. i will have to give that a try.

  3. Oh my gosh that is just too funny. Riverwoods is SO FUN. Love this time of year!

  4. hahhaaaaaaa i can't stop laughing at your broken pelvis story.... hhahahahhaa!

  5. love these photos :) your blog is great!


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