random things i love.

1. walking.
i could walk until my feet blister. i love being outside, being able to get where i want to go on foot is empowering to me, & my mind is always refreshed after a long walk. i enjoy noticing the details of my surroundings, in a way that you can't see when whizzing by in a car.
2. butts
just go with it. i love my husband's butt, i love when little kids have squeezable bread-dough bums, and i love my butt. and i'm not ashamed. it's the only part of me that stays consistantly tight & toned.
3. saltine crackers
they are totally in the running for my favorite food. i crave them constantly, & have yet to find anyone with a shared passion for the saltine.
4. internet research on criminals
if i hear about a horror movie based off of a true story, or read about a murderer in the newspaper, i head straight to wikipedia and read up on their life, their victims, their sentence. it's the masochist in me, i suppose. i don't particularly enjoy gory or creepy things, but i can't seem to tear my eyes away from the computer screen until i have exhausted my resources and know everything about ted bundy, ed geen, gertrude baniszewski.

anybody else have any random things that they are in love with?

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  1. I want that skirt so bad.. so cute. J Crew? Anthro? I must know!
    you should check out this cute girl's blog. Her TITLE is saltine crackers :) I have a feeling you two should be friends!


    1. here's the link to the skirt! but beware...asos will eat your bank account :)


  2. We are the same human. I always fall into the pit of internet hell where I end up researching serial killers until four in the morning and I can't sleep. Also yes to walks. Yesterday I met a handsome stranger and we took a walk together and it was perfect :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. No mention of ears? What what?

    I'm obsessed with drier sheets. I wish I could just stick them up my nose all of the time.

    1. haha! love that. & ears deserve their own post, really.

  4. ^ drier sheets in the nose. lol.

    i love researching the things I see in movies that are based on a true story. saratov approach - googled. the impossible - googled. i just get so into other people stories

    xo. m.

    1. okay, i saw saratov approach this weekend and was on google before i left the theatre! hahaha, love that you did that, too.

  5. WE SHARE A PASSION FOR SALTINE CRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what in the world could be better than them, really? it's almost worth getting sick so you have an excuse to eat a whole box. am i right? ;)

  6. i love that you said you love butts. i have the same obsession. butts are awesome.


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