1. after listening to a lecture on the patterns of conversation yesterday, i made a small discovery about myself. i would love to be a communications scholar. as much as i love journalism, (and who knows what life will actually throw my way) studying human communication has been endlessly fascinating.
research in the communications field centers around taking something so basic, so seemingly arbitrary (talking to someone, forming a friendship, having an argument), and organizes it. attatching specific meaning to our communication, adding depth to something that we do without even thinking about, it's exhilerating. and at the end of the day, humans are altogether unpredictable--making the study endless.
perhaps someday i will get to travel to a remote location, and study power communication among a culture unpolluted by the complications of modern life. but for now, i will pour over my communications textbooks like i would a mystery novel.
2. fall has officially ended. (i can say that confidently because i am watching a blizzard outside of my office window.)
jordan and i took one last fall walk on sunday. the leaves were wet, and the air cold, but it kind of helped me say goodbye to the magic that accompanies fall.
oh, and some of the houses we stumbled upon! the neighborhood we walked was a cute, mismatched jumble of cottage-style houses, little red brick houses, and ancient, regal looking houses with pillars on the front. we even saw one with a white bust of a 'civil-war hero' looking man above the biggest window. there is so much charm in old nieghborhoods that haven't been renovated. aka thats just a really nice way of saying half of provo was built in the '60's.
3. although driving in snow-traffic kills my soul a little, we are a little closer to the holidays. the downhill craziness that encompasses thanksgiving, christmas, & new years starts now. and then it spits you back into january wondering what just happened.
 if you sit down with some egg nog and listen to ella fitzgerald's 'what are you doing new years eve'
or bing crosby's 'i'll be home for christmas'
or judy garland's 'have yourself a merry little christmas'
or sinatra's 'mistletoe and holly'
or nat king cole's 'the christmas song'
(i love christmas music)
you can almost feel it approaching.
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  1. human's mind is such a fascinating subject. i love how everything is so unpredictable, yet it follows specific patterns. also, those pictures are gorgeous. i'm excited for the fall colors to absorb our surroundings.

    xo. m.

  2. girl you look GORGEOUS in that first picture! loved this post!

  3. When I was an undergrad I thought so much about switching to being a communications major. I love to learn about body language (since I'll never forget that my one communications teacher said 70% of communication is through body language), why we say what we say and all the ticks and interesting things that come with it. I love to learn about the different forms of communication, the advantages and disadvantages to each and so much more on the topic. It's great to find someone with a similar passion.

  4. I love those photos! I am so glad you found my blog because that means now I found yours!!! :)


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