1. temple square in a snowstorm.
2.  santa offering us marital advice instead of asking what we want for christmas. (he told jordan, 'just say yes dear! when you disagree, & then don't talk again.' ha!)
3. festival of trees.
4. christmas tree & christmas light  hopping.
>>> i am a free woman! i took 4 finals yesterday (8 hours straight, woof!)--and after writing 3 essays, answering about 250 multiple choice questions, and giving a speech, i'd say i earned my freedom. my brain is stretched to capacity, but the relief is sinking in!
>>> we finally got around to watching 'silver linings playbook' this weekend. i was literally blown away, right out of the water. dead. amazed. i generally have a short attention span with movies, and rarely walk away from one thinking 'i need to tell other people how good that was' but i will shout this from the mountaintops: bradley cooper is amazing in every single scene!! just, wow. all of it. wow. mental illness is so real, and i loved seeing really flawed characters get a happy ending.
>>> jordan got snapchat after months of persistant begging from me. you guys, i'm pretty sure this is one of the best things to ever happen to our marriage! jordan is a pretty professional, serious kind of guy. his goofy side often gets hidden underneath this intellectual, business-like persona he's got going on. but when he pulls up snapchat, bam! goofy side is out. ugly faces captioned, 'i miss you!' make my heart swell. the greatest.

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