+ late in the afternoon on thanksgiving day, i drove up to a lookout point with my cousin kimberlee and my mom. we watched cottony- pink blots scatter across the horizon, getting lower and lower, until the sun finally rested behind the cherry orchards. it was stunning, it was peaceful. it was the perfect way to end a day full of gratitude. appreciating this beautiful earth, letting it swell up inside of me, gives me courage to tackle my challenges in life--be they by the hour, or by the month.
+ we spent the rest of our break seeing movies, playing games, bowling, christmas tree lightings, (more! more!) and continually trying to play that whole juggling-two-families-that-live-ten-minutes-away game. i shouldn't complain, because i'm sure there are many who would kill to have both famlies close. but this is what it's like for me: constant guilt. however, i can tell we're getting better each time we come home. we are learning to just do our best, trying to love that 10 minute drive between houses that we end up making one thousand times, & live with the rest.
+ i adore thanksgiving food, especially gravy, but i think my favorite thing i put in my belly this weekend was those white chocolate dipped oreos. swoon. sickly sweet, but not rich enough that i stop after only two. (side note for my self esteem: i did clock 3 hours of crossfit over the weekend. although i would easily be willing to weigh 500 pounds for those cookies.)
+ & now begins the madness of christmas!  i'm already getting caught up in ice skating, christmas lights, baking, home alone, online shopping, (!!!) but jordan and i have made a pact: this month we will center our lives, our marriage, and our celebrations around christ. & i know that if He is at the center of it all, our month will be full of light.

my cute guy filling up the car for our trek home. #creeperstatus
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  1. lovely blog :)

  2. such fun photos! I love that the holidays are here!

  3. I sooo need to go ice skating :) looks like you guys had a fun thanksgiving.

    XOXO Anne


  4. such a cute and festive post! love this blog! XO

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  5. You are seriously just the cutest girl! And this all looks so festive! Happy holidays!!!!
    xo TJ


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