casino night // black jack

big swanky hotel company party + dressing up + my best friend in town from the bay + photo booths + spectacular food + casino night = 10/10
we each were given 1,000 worth of chips as we walked in to use as we please after dinner, any winnings would be traded in for raffle tickets.
we sat down at a black jack table & i learned how to play right before our first hand--i got the hang of it after about a half hour. we switched dealers & all the sudden i started hitting 21. and again. and again. i was pretty happy about winning anything at all, so thought we would dabble in a few other games and head home.
but then i placed a 'suit bet' and got a match. my bet quadrupled from 250 to 1,000. i hit again, another match. 4,000. hit, match. 16,000. 64,000. i don't even remember where it ended, i just remember the disbeliving shrieks, and the dealer's eyes looking like saucers every time he picked up yet another  match.
i kept hitting black jack, and my stack of chips just kept piling up. i started feeling like a celebrity--people were stopping at our table to watch, patting me on the shoulder, one executive even said, 'wow! the cute little receptionist is a gambler!' you guys, i felt like a million bucks. and jordan was beaming, he was so proud. (one of his hidden talents is texas hold 'em.)
i totally buy the appeal of vegas now! each win was like it's own seperate elation. i kept humble for most of the game, but by the end i wanted to grab the mic & tell everyone how awesome i was. (this is why i generally don't let myself be competitive.) i rode the high of winning for the rest of the weekend, it was a little ridiculous. (thanks jordan for putting up with such a diva, i don't even know where she came from!)
we cashed in our raffle tickets, won 2 of the 10 prizes they gave out, and finished our night with a krispy kreme stop. because, donuts. i think this night is going to find itself in my top 10 favorite nights of marriage.

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  1. where do you work? sounds like such a fun night!!

    1. i work at a software company called fusion io. they have way too much money & throw the best parties!


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