happy list 01.

friday night lights.
coconut oil on my face at bedtime.
my wedding ring.
these paintings.
candles burning in my apartment.
grilled cheese from in n out.
learning about printmaking.
defined shoulders.
girls nights.
the frozen soundtrack.
bum grabs.


  1. wait - in n out makes grilled cheese?!?! why oh why do they have to close at 11pm! also, i am SO addicted to putting coconut oil on my face. it's the best thing. i rub it in for like 10 minutes and pretend i'm at a spa, haha.

    1. i think on weekends they are open later--we went saturday night at like 1 am. they just put melted cheese + spread + any veggies you want on a hambuger bun. seriously life changing.

      also, im going to try your spa idea. hahahaha

  2. In and Out - always a good idea! I've never put coconut oil on my face. Doesn't it clog your pores?

    1. it doesn't for me--and i even have a face prone to oil/acne. i do wash it off first thing in the morning, though. and agreed, in n out is my go-to. :)

  3. wedding ring. i wanna see a pic :)

    xx, keena


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