our first selfie of 2014 ^^^

i love making goals. the simple act of writing down what i plan to do better gives lifeblood to my resolve to actually go through with it. i try to do it monthly, sometimes weekly, but haven't been in the habit. the new year was a perfect excuse to ponder and discuss how i want to be better, what i am going to accomplish, who i want to become. i really enjoy looking back at my goals and seeing what i followed through with, how it benefitted my life--and checking up on things i fell a little short at. it's not discouraging, just re-motivating. i'll try again.
i'm not always great at putting this idea into action, but it really is pretty astonishing how little acts add up and result in big changes. if i decided right now to stop complaining--just to hold my tongue whenever i had anything negative to say-- i would be a different person in a week. i'd be transformed in a month! the thought of putting my mind to something, and building a happier life for myself, simply on my own will, makes me giddy with possibility.

>>> better mental control. i spent way too much time inside my own mind, re-hashing conversations and assuming the worst, putting myself down, pondering all of the missed opportunities and dissapointments of life, and criticizing others.

i came accross this quote the other day, "tell me what a man thinks about when he doesn't have to think, and i will tell you who he is." where does my mind go when i am not focused on something specific?

 i want to make my mind a magnent to the positive. whenever i have a negative thought (especially about myself) i will redirect my mental efforts somewhere else. this may end up being a habit to break, but i believe it will result in a more confident kayla. just as i wish to look beautiful, have pleasant friends, and a clean home--a mind full of beautiful, pleasant, and clean thoughts will accompany, and drive, all other desires i have. no matter how valid the criticism, i will not focus on other people's faults, or the ways they have offended me.

 i lumped this with the goal to be more positive. when i focus on the things i love, and what i am grateful for, rather than where i fall short, my life is so intensely wonderful, it hurts. the point is to make it a habit.

 >>> i made this goal around thanksgiving, but i want to continue to detatch myself from social media. put down my phone and be present, only post things that are meaningful (instead of to demonstrate where i've been or all the fun i'm having) and generally, just care less.

 >>> be creative. i feel like i make this goal over and over--life just seems to get in the way of being artistic! i want to paint more, take more pictures, and write. it's like emptying the trash, afterwards i feel clean and refreshed. throwing down emotion on a page, or a canvas is an expression that i cannot find anywhere else but in creation. it doesn't matter if anyone will like it, or if anyone else will even see it.  

 >>> jordan and i have resolved to have scripture AND prayer EVERY NIGHT. we have done this on and off our entire marriage, but we are going to try to be consistent. this is one of those little things (10 minutes a day) that will stregthen us big time. just think what one month of this habit can do for us! i'm excited to find out.

 >>> have more courage. go outside of myself more often. be the first to strike up a conversation with strangers, be confident in my ideas, make more friends, work harder to not be shy. it's hard initially, but the benefits far outweigh the costs & i end up happier, more confident.

 >>> have a better attitude about my husband + sports, because that's a combo that is locked-in.

 >>> over christmas break i lifted weights with my sister in law. she is  really athletic and really strong. and guess what? i could totally keep up with her! i had no idea that i could squat almost 4 times what i usually squat. i could even bench press more than the bar! i couldn't walk or lift my arms for 2 days, but i had no idea how strong i was. it sounds stupid, but i honestly think if i was ever in danger, i have a fair chance fighting my way out! it's strangely empowering. after over a year of consistent weight lifting, i think it's time i add a few pounds to my bar each work out.

>>> be on time! jordan and i realized that sometimes we only do things when we have to (like cranking out a paper last minute, or taking out the trash after it has already overflowed.) just the same, we haven't been proactive about being punctual. unless it's really crucial that we are on time, we usually aren't. i don't like this about myself. we are going to try to leave on time and plan better.

>>> rely on christ more.

>>> last of all, a universal life goal: try a little harder to be a little better. put a little more effort into each school assignment. push myself a little bit harder each workout. do a little more service for my husband, keep the house a little neater. invest a little more in each church lesson and each prayer. be a little more patient with those around me. send out a little more love.
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  1. I love that you put better mental control because I think I get down a lot on myself too which if you think about, is so horrible! What ive been trying lately is whenever I look in the mirror and think something negative, I immediately stop and think of something that I love about myself! Kind of silly but it works. Great goals Kayla!

  2. Kayla, first off--adorable picture! You are the cutest girl. Second, I love your goals. It's obvious you've put a lot of thought into them, and I'm feeling really inspired right now. I have no doubt you'll achieve them and have an awesome year!

  3. Dang girl! You have some awesome goals that I might even want to think about :)

  4. wonderful goals...I'm getting married this year so I'll be adding taking the time for prayer to my list of goals for the year. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo erica

  5. I love these goals! Good work girl :)

  6. I definitely have to be better at being on time. My husband gets so mad at me about this. Especially now that church has changed to 9 o'clock. SO hard ;)
    xo TJ


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